Unique Areas

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There are plenty of unique areas to explore on An Corp.

Perma Grey Areas

In these areas anyone can be freely attacked.
Murders can not be reported and murderers will not face penalty when killed in these areas, even if at the hands of a paladin.

  • Buccaneer's Den
  • Yew Orc Fort
  • Yew Crypts

No Magic Travel Areas

These areas can not be recalled to, nor recalled from:

  • All interior floors of Hythloth & Deceit
  • The bottom floor of other dungeons
  • The Kings Treasury
  • Wind
  • The Hedge Maze

Arena Areas

  • Arena areas holds a set of very special rules.
  • More or less no benefical or agressive actions are allowed inside the arena areas.
  • You may also not enter the arena areas if you are currently in combat.