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Welcome to the Music Restoration Project!

Wait, what exactly is this? Ultima online was based on the original Ultima Series created by Lord British dating back to the early 80s. Much like the lore and history of Britannia, the music was a essential part of those games. Each town and location had a theme or reference in the world that would be played in every Ultima game year after year.

In 1997 Ultima Online was released by Orgins, the original development team of the series. Much like the past games, Ultima Online's soundtrack shared the musical history of the original Ultima games that came before. The songs were MIDI based, not mp3ed so in order to hear the music you would need a soundblaster or wavetable midi softsynth supported card.

What happened to the real original music? I work as a sound designer, audio director, song composer for many many AAA video game companies over the last 17 years (composing soundtracks to many games you guys have played). When EA picked up the intellectual property known as Ultima, they ended up hiring a new team to work on the development. As I have seen this before in my line of work, the new designer didn't seem connected to Ultimas long history of audio and well, decimated the soundtrack. Imagine watching Starwars and waiting for the Darth Vader theme to kick in, only to hear something else overdubbed. It just wouldn't sit right!

Okay enough of the history lesson, what is this? I am a huge fan of Ultima and hated what EA did to Richard's game. Over the last 3 weeks privately I have been working on redoing the real original score of Ultima Online. At first this project was just for my personal pleasure, but now I have decided to release it publically for everyone on the IPY server! These are all the bit perfect original midi songs I had from day one of UO back in 1997 redone using modern hardware.

So they are MIDI? No!Being the sound guy I am, I have re-composed the songs used hardware synths, EQed and completely remastered into MP3's. I wanted it to sound up to today standards but not take away from the "orginal midi feel" of the music.

Best Regards,

Scott (aka Dezacrator or Lyrissa in game)

DOWNLOAD Digital Audio Files


1) Go into Ultima Online/music.
2) Rename your current "Digital" directory to Digitalold or something you would prefer.
3) Just copy the new "Digital" Directory from this zip into the music folder.
4) Thats it!