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UOAM or Ultima Online Auto-Map is a third party application that provides the player with a better radar map. This map can be scaled or tilted, it is possible to add labels at important spots and you can even share the same map with your friends by connecting to an UOAM server.

Download UOAM

UOAM V9 Multi-Client: http://uoancorp.com/download/UOAMv9_Install.exe

Useful features

  • Provides a more flexible radar
  • Allows to link with your friend and keep track of their location
  • Let's you chat
  • You can place label at interesting location
  • Can keep the map centered on your player
  • All the major world spots are already labelled

Known Issues

A black map is displayed

UOAM is probably not pointing to the correct Ultima Online directory.
To change this location perform the following:

  • In UOAM in the Map menu select "UO client data files location"
  • Change the path shown, to the path of your Ultima Online directory (eg. "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic")

UOAM doesn't track the player

Calibrate UOAM so that it can track your player correctly.
To calibrate UOAM perform the following:

  • Go to Britain Castle's Throne room and sit on the throne. (It is NW of the beginner inn, can't miss it)
  • In UOAM in the UO menu select "Calibrate" and fill in the following
I am in Britannia, Malas or Ishenar
Latitude 0 degrees 0 minutes North
Longitude 0 degrees 0 minutes East