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The World of Ultima Online takes place in Britannia. Geographically it is very similar to what existed during "The Second Age" era of Ultima Online, however, there are some unique area in the cities and towns that are not found on other shards. For information on becoming a citizen of existing towns, see citizenship.

Britannia is what remained of old Sosaria, after the defeat of Mondain sundered the world apart. Formerly known as the "The Lands of Lord British", and later as Sosaria, the land was renamed Britannia after the defeat of Exodus.

Each town, excluding Buccaneer's den, will also have a different Town Bonus that is set by the Kings

Cities and Towns of Britannia

To find out what city is controlled by what town, type: [ControlMap

Skill gain in towns is 100% of normal rate. Except in Town Square where crafting gains at 130% of normal.

To view the settings a King has determined for a town, visit the town and issue the command [towninfo and a gump will be displayed with a list of tax settings and guard levels and town buffs.