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Town vs. Town Militias: Raid enemy towns and capture checkpoints, marked with interact-able braziers (see below), conquering that town for the glory of your own. The rewards for taking a city are great, as the victors pad the coffers of their own city with portions of the sacked city's treasury, earning a share for themselves in the process.

It is highly recommended to check out the Player vs Player Guide before taking part in Militia combat.

Joining Town Militia

To join a town's militia, a player must first become a citizen of the town he wishes to fight for. To become a citizen, say the words "I wish to become a citizen" while inside of the town you intend to move to. If you are already a citizen of a different town, you will need to revoke your citizenship there by saying "I revoke my citizenship". The process will take one hour to take effect while city clerks file the appropriate forms. Only after this process is complete are you able to stake your citizenship in a new town.

IMPORTANT: Citizenship applies to all characters on your account! That is, citizenship is "account wide". It is *not* character specific.

Once a player becomes a citizen one can join the militia by double clicking the town's militia stone.

To leave the militia the player, simply declare "I resign from the militia."

You can not join a militia if you have any skill in animal taming
You can not gain any skill in animal taming while being a member of a militia


Town militia are flagged orange to all other town militias.

This is completely separate from regular player-instigated guild wars, though you are still free to participate in normal orange and green guild v. guild combat.

Non militia who are citizens of a town will be able to heal militia of their own town at the cost of flagging orange to all other enemy militia members for four minutes.


Note: All commands listed below are also accessible through the UOAC shard menu (Paperdoll quest button)

In game, type [OCLeaderboard to see combat stats regarding the previous militia war.

Type [VulnMap to see a calendar indicating which town is vulnerable. Type [ControlMap to see which town controls each town (thereby earning its bonus - see below).

Every day of the week, towns may battle for control of a single town.

Towns are vulnerable to capture for 24 hours. Enemies can earn points by capturing braziers and killing enemies towards town capture. At the end of the vulnerability period the town with the most points gains control of the vulnerable town. If no towns have gained points the vulnerable town will gain control of itself. Also if your town has ownership of a town and it comes up vulnerable again, you must actively fight to keep control of the town.

Capturing a City

The process to capture a town works as follows:

During town vulnerability, enemy militia may not recall or gate into guard protection of the vulnerable town (without the aid of infiltration dust).

Within each town are 3 braziers.

To light a brazier you need to have brazier dust which drops from Order and Chaos elementals for militia members. If you have brazier dust you can double click a brazier to begin casting a 5 second channeled spell that will light the brazier unless interrupted. Braziers cannot be lit by someone in stat loss.

Braziers can be doused by a defending town militia by double clicking the lit brazier to start casting a 5 second channeled spell that will extinguish the flame, braziers cannot be doused while in stat loss.

Once more than 1 of the braziers are held by an enemy militia, that town slowly starts to accumulate control of the city, displayed as a point number above the braziers in said city.

The more braziers that are held, the faster points are gained.

Points are also gained upon killing enemy militia members (and they are worth points).


Each town keep their own treasury, treasuries are filled via tax revenue and adventurers killing monsters.

When goods are purchased from any NPC vendors, an amount dependent on the city's tax rate (set by the King) will be deposited into the city's treasury.

On successfully capturing an enemy town participating militia will receive a one-time immediate payout from the captured towns treasury. The capturing town receives 12.5% of the captured town's treasury directly deposited into the capturing town's treasury. 12.5% is also taken from the captured town's treasury and split among the capturing town's militia members that helped capture the town.

The treasury is ideally defended by a King and that town's militia against an enemy militia.

The King places treasury walls which defend against entrance.

Specially crafted bombs are required to blow up treasury walls.

The bombs must be left unhindered for a certain number of seconds before they explode.

Depending on the strength of treasury walls, varying numbers of bombs must explode simultaneously to take it down, and enemy militia players can also destroy them (using spells, or other means).

One bomb will destroy an iron gate.

Three bombs will destroy a magical gate (energy field graphic).

However, it is possible that treasuries are not defended by any gates at all.

Once the treasury walls are broken down any militia in the controlling alliance may loot items from the treasury chest using Treasury Keys.

The looted item is random and will most commonly be a piece of magic weapon or armor.


Town Ranking and Treasury keys

All PvP actions, especially actions during the town militia wars hours, will award you Townscore ranking points and sometimes treasury keys.

The Town ranking leaderboard can be accessed and viewed from the UOAC shard menu (Paperdoll quest button).

Treasury keys are used to loot captured towns treasury chests.

Treasury keys are used to purchase unique rewards, your Town ranking determines which items you are allowed purchase and use.

Note: If you purchase an item that requires a certain rank and later drop below that rank you can no longer use the item.

Item Description / Statistics
Hunters Iron Ring +10% gold dropped in dungeons

Required rank: Squire

Master Hunters Iron Ring +15% gold drops in dungeons

Chance for special loot.
Confirmed monsters that drops special rare loot when ring is worn:
Note: The special loots are rare drops, somewhere between 0.3 and 3% dropchance.

  • Chaos and Order elementals (minax fort)
  • Lich and AncientLich
  • Air Elemental
  • Balrons in hythloth
  • Evil Mage Lords
  • Hellhounds

Required rank: Knight

Minoc Iron Ring Faction statloss duration -10%

Required Rank: Knight

Bracelet of Virtues Faction statloss amount -15%

Required Rank: Sentinel

Yew Wood Necklace Faction statloss duration -15%

Required Rank: Crusader

Hero's Talisman Shades 2handed weapons when worn (equips in the talisman slot)

Required Rank: Hero

Hooded Shroud of the Champion Great looks

Required Rank: Champion


By killing members of an enemy militia you will increase your personal militia score.

To view your current score, type showscore.

Your militia title will change as your score changes. (this is not related to town rank or townscore)

The person in each militia with the highest score will be given the title of Hero of their town.

Militia vendors are available at WBB and Bucs Bank. They sell militia clothing, infiltration dust, and Baron's rings.

You will need treasury keys to purchase items from the militia vendor.

Earn treasury keys by killing enemy militia members and participating in Wind and militia wars.

War bells

To encourage militia fighting outside the daily militia hours UO An Corp has added a simple mechanic for Militia to invite other militia to a fight.

When a war bell is rung a global message will be broadcast to all players stating the players name, guild, alliance as well as the location.

Bells can be rung once every 15 minutes and the location of the last rung bell can also be viewed from the UOAC Shard menu (paperdoll -> Quest button).

War bells can currently be found at

  • Wrong entrance
  • Serpent's Hold
  • Shame level 2
  • Britain West Bank
  • Buccaneer's Den Bank

  • Warbell wrong.png