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Tinkering is a Trade Skill, used to create a variety of items.

Training Tinkering

Skill What To Do
0-30 Train at the NPC Tinker
30-45 Clock Parts
45-90 Lockpicks
90-120 Heating Stands


Listed in alphabetical order, by category.

Failure when creating an item will always give "You could not seem to put the item together properly", even when there is no chance of creating the item with the Tinker's skill. It can therefore be difficult to discover at which skill level one is able to create a certain item.

At minimum skill level it may take many tries to create an item, as skill increases so will % chance of success. For example: while it is possible to create a shovel with 41 skill, it is much easier to make shovels at 51 skill. At the minimum skill level displayed on this page the item was actually crafted, the actual minimum skill needed might be slightly lower.


Item Name Materials Needed Skill
Bracelet 2 ingots + gem 44.5
Earrings 1 ingot + gem 48.4
Necklace (Golden beads) 1 ingot + gem 41.8
Necklace (Silver beads) 1 ingot + gem 42.0
Necklace (Round) 1 ingot + gem 41.9
  • Creating jewelry requires a gem. When prompted select a single gem (not stacked). The jewelry will be named after the gem, i.e. "a diamond necklace".


Item Name Materials Needed Skill
Candelabra 4 ingots 57.1
Globe 4 ingots 57.3
Heating stand 4 ingots 64.3
Iron Key 3 ingots 23.2
Keyring 2 ingots 21.8
Lantern 2 ingots 33.2
Scales 5 ingots 63.8
Spy glass 4 ingots 63.8

Multi-Component Items

Item Name Materials Needed Skill
Axle and Gears Axle + Gears 30.7
Clock Clock Frame + Clock Parts 30.7
Clock Parts Axle and Gears + Springs or make directly from ingots 30.7
Locked Box Carpentry-made Box* 38.2
Locked Chest Carpentry-made Chest* 38.2
Potion Keg Empty Barrel + Barrel Tap + Barrel Lid + 10 empty Bottles 51 - 52
Sextant Sextant Parts 30.7
Sextant Parts Axle and Gears + Hinge or make directly from ingots 30.7
  • Use Carpentry tools to make box/chest--the game will automatically check to see if you have a sufficient Tinkering Ability to create the box/chest as being lockable.
  • A character has a chance to produce lockable box/chests even with the lowest Tinkering ability, however, the higher the skill, the higher the rate of success, at 55 skill there is 3% chance, at 65 skill there is 40% chance.


Item Name Materials Needed Skill
Barrel Hoops 5 ingots < 28.4
Barrel Tap 2 ingot 50.1
Clock parts 1 ingot 30.5
Gears 2 ingots 14.7
Hinge 2 ingots 14.8
Sextant parts 4 ingots 32.0
Springs 2 ingots 13.7


Item Name Materials Needed Skill
Dovetail Saw 4 ingots 32.7
Draw Knife 2 ingots 32.6
Froe 2 ingots 33.2
Hammer 4 ingots 33.1
Hatchet 4 ingots 33.9
Inshave 2 ingots 33.3
Lockpick 1 ingot 48.5
Mortar and Pestle 3 ingots 23.3
Pick axe 4 ingots 42.1
Saw 4 ingots 31.3
Scissors 4 ingots 14.5
Scorp 2 ingots 32.9
Sewing Kit 2 ingots 18.8
Shovel 4 ingots 41.1
Sledge Hammer 4 ingots 48.6
Smith's Hammer 4 ingots 41.9
Tongs 4 ingots 34.2
Tool kit (Tinker's) 2 ingots 15.0

Container Traps

Item Name Materials Needed Skill
Dart Trap 1 ingot, 1 Crossbow Bolt 34.1
Explosion Trap 1 ingot, 1 Purple Potion 57.1
Poison Trap 1 ingot, 1 Green Potion 51.0

Tinkers can apply traps to crafted boxes.

  • The exact damage that a trap will inflict is dependent upon both the item used to produce the trap and the Tinker's skill.
  • Base damage and effect of Armor upon the delivered damage is determined by the item used.
  • Tinkering skill may modify the damage from as much as -50% to +50%.
  • An explosion trap made by a GM tinker using a lesser explosion will almost always suffice for a kill.
  • A poison trap made by a GM tinker with a lesser poison results in a level five poisoning, which is difficult (but not impossible) to cure and saps life quite quickly.
  • If the tinker makes the trap while the box is in his backpack, he will recieve a flag and possibly recieve a murder count if the trap is used.
  • If the tinker places the box on the ground, and traps it while it is on the ground, then he will not recieve a murder count.
  • In order to avoid auto-opening trapped containers, turn off "Auto-search new containers" under the Display/Counters menu in Razor.
  • In order to check if a container is trapped, you can try to trade it with another player, trapped items may not be traded.
  • For more information on tinker traps, see the tinker traps article.

Placable Traps

Item Name Materials Needed Trap Area Trap Effect
Avalanche 1 Quartzstone 5x5 Falling rocks pummel enemies
Bleeding Spike 1 shattered crystal 7x7 Broken shards of crystal cause enemies to bleed for a few seconds
Gust 1 Ghostweed 7x7 Fierce winds hold opponents in place for a few seconds and batter them
Massive Spike 1 Obsidian Shard 3x3 Floor spikes do heavy damage over a small area
Poison Gas 1 Snakeskin 5x5 Poisonous gas fills the area inflicting poison of random severity on enemies
Razor Saw 1 Lunite Heart 5x5 Saw blades cut through the area slashing any enemies caught in the effect
Sunburst 1 Fire Essence 5x5 Sulphurous flames incinerate enemies caught in the effect
Web 1 Creepervine 7x7 Sticky webs briefly hold enemies in place

Starting at 80 skill, tinkers have the ability to create special placeable traps which can damage NPCs that step inside the affected area.

  • Each trap is crafted via the tinker tool crafting menu under "placeable traps".
  • Each requires 10 boards, 10 ingots, and a special crafting component as detailed in the table above. These crafting components have a small chance to drop from any NPC.
  • These trips will not harm players or their tamed pets / summons.
  • Placing a trap activates a ten minute cooldown before another trap can be placed by the same player.
  • The traps do modest damage in the range of one or two castings of meteor swarm and can be helpful, particularly on those occasions where many NPCs of moderate strength need to funnel through a small area.
  • Traps are triggered the first time an NPC takes a step onto one of the armed tiles.
  • Placing a trap brings up a gump with various timer options. These specify how long after an NPC triggers the trap that the trap effect will take place (for example, a trap could be set so that the effect takes place 2 seconds after the first NPC walks into its area of effect).
  • Trap placed and armed are visible to all players, not just the player who has placed it, and are hued based on the type of trap that is used.
  • The player who has placed a trap can remove it and return it to their inventory by double left clicking the marker at the center of the trap area.
  • Traps are consumed when triggered by an NPC and cannot be re-used.






Item Name Materials Needed Skill
Butcher Knife 2 ingots 26.1
Cleaver 3 ingots 23.4
Fork 1 ingot 17.2
Goblet 3 ingots 21.1
Knife 1 ingot 17.8
Pewter Mug 2 ingots 22.5
Plate 2 ingots 20.6
Skinning knife 2 ingots 23.3
Spoon 1 ingot 16.6

Wooden Items

Item Name Materials Needed Skill
Axle 2 wood 30.4
Clock Frame 6 wood 30.4
Jointing Plane 4 wood 30.8
Moulding Plane 4 wood 30.7
Smoothing Plane 4 wood 18