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Your character can learn several Skills to influence his or her effectiveness, be it in combat, crafting, or most other activities. Each skill has a value between 0 and 100. You gain a higher skill-level by using the skill or, up to 30, by paying an NPC to teach you.

While you can train up as many skills as you want, there is a Skill Cap of 700: The maximum sum of all your real skill points.

Some skills are modified by a related Statistic ("stat": Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence), which is why the skills menu can show real skill numbers (also refered as base skills) or displayed skill numbers (via the "Show Real" toggle button on the Skills list (ALT+K)). Real skill is the unmodified number, while displayed skill has the stat bonus added (if applicable for that skill).

Training a skill through use is the only way to reach 100. There are many nuances to skill training, and while most will gain in the course of normal gameplay, there are all sorts of methods to gain them faster (most of which involve using a macro program such as Razor).

Skill and profession titles

Skill titles consist of two parts, the first indicates the level of competence, the second is the professional title.

Skill Titles
Skill Title Base Skill Needed
Grandmaster 100
Master 90
Adept 80
Expert 70
Journeyman 60
Apprentice 50
Novice 40
Neophyte 30
No Title 29 or below

Skill Professional Title Power Scroll Eligible
Alchemy Alchemist Yes
Anatomy Biologist
Animal Lore Naturalist Yes
Animal Taming Tamer Yes
Archery Archer
Arms Lore Weapon Master Yes
Begging Beggar Yes
Blacksmithy Blacksmith Yes
Bowcraft & Fletching Bowyer Yes
Camping Explorer Yes
Carpentry Carpenter Yes
Cartography Cartographer Yes
Cooking Chef Yes
Detecting Hidden Scout
Discordance Demoralizer Yes
Evaluating Intelligence Scholar
Fencing Fencer
Fishing Fisherman Yes
Forensic Evaluation Detective
Healing Healer
Herding Shepherd
Hiding Shade
Inscription Scribe Yes
Item Identification Merchant
Lockpicking Infiltrator
Lumberjacking Lumberjack Yes
Mace Fighting Armsman
Magery Mage
Meditation Stoic
Mining Miner Yes
Musicianship Bard
Parrying Duelist
Peacemaking Pacifier
Poisoning Assassin
Provocation Rouser Yes
Remove Trap Trap Specialist
Resisting Spells Warder
Snooping Spy
Spirit Speak Medium Yes
Stealing Pickpocket
Stealth Rogue
Swordsmanship Swordsman
Tactics Warrior
Tailoring Tailor Yes
Taste Identification Praegustator
Tinkering Tinker Yes
Tracking Ranger
Veterinary Veterinarian Yes
Wrestling Wrestler


When a character has one skill over 30, the character is assigned a professional title that indicates their primary skill. This title is not shown to other players until you reach a higher level of fame, but there is a sense of satisfaction when one achieves the title they have been looking for.

This chart outlines all of the professional titles associated with their skills. The skill that is displayed in your paperdoll is the highest skill that you have in alphabetical order. For example, if you have 100.0 in swords, anatomy, healing and tactics your paperdoll will state that you are a "Grandmaster Biologist" because Anatomy is ahead on the list before healing, swords, and tactics.

Training Skills from NPC's

NPC training is accessed by saying the NPC's name followed by the word Train* and then the name of the skill you want to be trained in. You can see the skills any NPC will teach by typing the NPC's name followed by the word train*. Once you enter the command words the NPC will give a price, and by dropping the given amount of gold on them your skill will rise. NPC's can't teach a skill beyond 30 points. Guildmaster NPCs will typically offer higher ratings than regular NPCs (but still only up to 30).

  • You can left click on an NPC vendor to bring up a context menu to see a list of what they can train.
  • Make sure you only drop the correct amount of gold stated by the vendor.
  • If the vendor offers you training in a skill, but states the price to be 0 gold, handing them 1 gold piece will still train you the remaining fraction of a skill point (skills which cannot be trained at all will display in grey text rather than white).
  • New characters begin play with a training certificate valued at 1000 gold. You can drop this on NPCs instead of gold and they will train you to the maximum of their ability. The certificate can be used on multiple NPCs until its gold value is completely exhausted.

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