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Razor is a third-party application which aim is to help the player automate the many repetitive tasks of Ultima Online. It also provides a series of tools and enhancements like the ability to filter annoying sounds, remove the light levels or show incoming player names.
It is an Assistant program (similar to the popular UOAssist) for player run Ultima Online shards.
It has been coded using C++ and the .NET Technology.

Download Razor

Razor latest version: http://www.runuo.com/products/razor

Useful features

General Tab

  • Filters - This is a list of common annoyances in Ultima Online. Check any of these and Razor will prevent them from getting to your client. Examples: Sounds (bards, animals, spirit speak...), Graphics(weather effect, dungeon light level...)
  • Profiles - Let's you save your configuration to a specific profile. All settings, hotkeys, Lists, etc are saved with your profile (unless otherwise noted)

Options Tab

  • Open New Corpses - Automatically opens any new corpses in your range
  • Show Names of Incoming People/Creatures - Single Clicks users as they approach so you can see their names before they come on your screen.

More Options Tab

  • Auto Un-equip hands before casting - When enabled Razor will delay the spell cast while it removes the items from your hands in order to cast
  • Range Check Last Target - When enabled, Razor will check to make sure your Last Target is in range for targeting them, if they are out of range you will see a warning, and the target cursor will remain up
  • Use Smart Last Target - When enabled, Razor will differentiate between beneficial and harmful spells when selecting your last target. For example, if you are in battle and cast Energy Bolt against a target, then Cast Heal on your friend, when you cast Energy Bolt again (or any other harmful spell) and press last target, the enemy will be targeted, but if you cast heal again (or any other beneficial spell such as cure) and press last target, your friend will be targeted.

Display/Counters Tab

  • Counters - A list of available counters and, if checked, the amount of each item you have
  • Show this in the UO Titlebar - The counters are displayed in the window title bar if this is checked (If you have issues with this feature check the Known Issues section of this page)
  • Title Bar Display - In this text box you can enter what you want to appear in UO's titlebar while you play. Names between {} will be replaced with values from razor.
    The list of Possible values:
Tag Description
{char} Character name
{shard} Shard name
{str}/{hp}/{hpmax} Health status
{dex}/{stam}/{stammax} Dex status
{int}/{mana}/{manamax} Int status
{weight}/{maxweight} Weight information
{gold} Gold information
{ar} Armor Rating
{bandage} Bandage Timer (Displays the time since you started the healing)
{statbar}/{mediumstatbar}/{largestatbar} Mini Status bar
{CrimTime} Display the number of seconds since you became criminal
{stealthsteps} Stealth steps counter
  • Never Auto-Search Pouches - When checked, pouches will never be auto searched (useful for preventing Razor from opening your trapped pouches)

Arm/Dress Tab

  • Arm/Dress Selection - Here you can create named lists of weapons/clothing/equipment which you can then have Razor automatically equip with a hotkey
  • Arm/Dress Items - Here you can add or remove items from the selected dress list. Right click items in this list to change them to "Dress by Type". This is especially useful for weapons

Agents Tab

The agents of Razor are a very important feature of this program and very useful

  • UseOnce - Add items one at a time, or add every item in a container. Once added, when you press the UseOnce hotkey, an item is double clicked and then removed. When the list is empty, a warning will be automatically sent to the client. Useful for trapped pouches, add all of your pouches to the list and use the macro. You wont have to stop in the heat of combat and wonder which pouch you already used!
  • Sell - Add items to the sell agent, and when you say vendor sell if the vendor wants to buy any of the items in the list Razor will automatically sell them and tell you how much gold you received. If you select a "Hot Bag" all Razor will attempt to sell ALL items in that bag. Useful for merchants and craftsmen. Note: Items are sold by "picture" only. Razor cannot tell the difference between a magic sword and a regular sword, so it will sell them both! Be careful!
  • Organizers - Add Items to the list, and then select a container to place them in. Push "Organize Now" and watch as Razor moves all items of them types you suggested into the container for you. Note: This Agent works on item "pictures" similar to the sell agent. Note 2: You can set containers outside of your pack as the organizer bag, but be careful you don't put your items where others may steal them!
  • AutoSearch Exemptions - Items in this list will not be opened or search by Razor when it counts resources, this is useful for example if you have trapped containers in your pack, or containers with a lot of containers inside them that you want to skip when auto-searching for resources.
  • Scavenger - Items in this agent will be automatically picked up from the ground if you run near them. Useful for picking up wild reagents or missed archery shots. Set the hotbag to send them to a specific container in your pack.
  • Buy - When you say Vendor Buy with this agent enabled, Razor will attempt to buy the listed items up to the quantities listed here from the vendor. Careful, sometimes items get mixed up on the vendor's list and Razor may buy the wrong thing.
  • Restock - This agent automatically drags items from a container (or your bank box) into your pack (or a container inside it). Useful for restocking reagents, potions, etc after loosing a battle. To restock from your bank box, target yourself, otherwise target the container to restock from. Please Note: Your bank box must be opened in order to restock from it, and razor may not always be able to read containers inside of the container you target.
  • Friends - People added to this agent will NEVER be targeted by a 'Target Random ____' except for Target Random Friendly.

Useful macros

To use these macros simply copy the macro into a text file and put it in your Razor/Macros folder.

Stealth Macro

Will keep trying to hide until it succeeds and then it will try to stealth

Assistant.Macros.IfAction|4|0|to move unnoticed.
Assistant.Macros.IfAction|4|0|you must hide first

Tips and Tricks

If you're having issues with Razor, check that you correctly configured the following points.

  • Set your UO Data Directory in Razor to the proper directory
  • Instead of allowing Razor to "Auto Detect" the client, set this option manually
  • Disable "Use Smart CPU usage reduction"
  • Set hot keys intelligently in Razor so you can be very effective in game. Check the Hotkeys Layout page

Known Issues

The counters are not displayed in the Ultima Online window border

Under the "Properties" of your Razor shortcut in the "Compatibility" tab check "Disable Visual Themes"

Razor and UO crash when recording a macro

Make sure that Razor has been set to be run as administrator under the "Properties" of your Razor shortcut in the "Compatibility" tab.

Items disappear when I pick them up!

This is a problem caused by Razor, not UOAC. Razor blocks the 'lift' packet sent to the server in order to queue it, but never sends the 'deny' packet to tell your client that it can't actually pick it up. To fix this issue, disable the "Auto Queue Object Delay Actions" checkbox located in the 'More Options' tab.

When on boat, location is not updated

Since UOAC is using the smooth boat movement system, Razor and UOAM have issues keeping with player movement when on boat.
To bypass this problem there is two available solutions:

  • Double tap the Tab key to enter and exit combat mode
  • Bind a key to Sync with client in Razor

Using these will automatically update your position in Razor or UOAM.

"Razor was unable to locate and load a suitable UO cliloc file. Some text may not be displayed."

Start by performing the recommended operations in the Tips and Tricks section, if it is still not working try performing the following.

Download one of these files

Windows 7 32bit users 
Windows 7 64bit users
Windows XP 64bit users

You may need to edit these files by right clicking them, and selecting edit. From there just make sure that all the directories listed in the file match your UO directory on your computer. Once you have downloaded the file you wish to use, simply double click it and add to registry. Then run Razor and it should work without errors.

Many users find that regardless of the patcher or the files, they still get this Cliloc error. It seems Windows is a bit frustrating as this has no definite reason yet.
Some fixes have been to

  • Once again uninstall UO and Razor and reinstall.
  • Try not using patcher file. You will find the folder marked Patches from the patch zip containing several files; replace the original files in your UO directory with these files.
  • Download all 3 files above and try each one out. Some people have had the problem fixed by switching between these files randomly.

Backing up Razor files

In case you'd like to save the Razor settings and macros they are located in the following sub directories of your Razor install folder.

  • Razor/Macros - Contains all the macros files
  • Razor/Profiles - Contains all the profiles created and associated settings