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Dungeon Portals are a purely entertainment feature of UOAC that allows players to craft their own dungeon which they can then show off to their friends or allow them to adventure in.

Creating a Dungeon Portal

First thing's first, we will need to purchase a Portal Journeybook from a Portal Architect vendor.



Upon receiving your book, by double clicking it for the first time, it will prompt you with terms and agreement.


By clicking "Okay" you will be prompted with the main gump.


In order to start building in your Portal, you will need to purchase floor/wall/stairs/decoration tiles from a Portal Tradesman vendor.

  • Alternatively, the scrolls you gain from buying the tiles can also be found from slaying monsters, though their drop rate is significantly low.
  • To add a scroll to your book, simply drag and drop it on top of your Journeybook to add it to your inventory.



You can only enter your Portal if you are located in a guard zone or a house that you are friended to by clicking the "Enter Portal" button on the main gump.

  • Keep in mind, you will not be able to use it as a quick escape if you are in combat by either player or monster, or if you have committed criminal actions such as theft or looting a body that you do not have rights to.

</br> uCHO1hj.jpg
</br> Since the Portals are so massive, there is a targeted teleport that allows you to instantly teleport anywhere within the confines of your Portal.


You are able to access your tiles that are currently saved into your book via the "Inventory" tab on the main gump.

  • It pulls up the main groups of items such as Stairs/Doors/Walls/Floor tiles/ and decoration.
  • Each main group opens up into subgroups of specific items belonging to the main group.


By clicking on the water tile depicted in the main group:


It opens up a subgroup containing all the floor tiles that are currently in your inventory.


You can click on the style of tiles that you want and it'll send you to the Sub-Subgroup that contains all the tiles of that kind.



Now we are ready to start building!

I will make just a very basic design in order to pass on all the neat building features. This is a system that is only limited by the tiles in your possession and your creative mind.

I always start out with a basic little road from the starting point. You are by no means obligated to do a road. The Teleport exists for just such this reason that you can start building from any point in your Portal.


By Clicking "Place" it allows you to place a single tile.


Or you can "Place X" to place more than one tile at a time.


If for example that place too many of one tile or want to make changes, you can use the "Reclaim" to reclaim your tile back to your inventory.


There is also a "Reclaim X" feature that allows you to reclaim all tiles in a targeted area. This can be rather dangerous though later on when you are working on the higher floors. It does not discriminate against which floor you are on and will reclaim all tiles in that range. Luckily, if you make a mistake, you can always use "Undo" to put things back to how they were before.

For your new structure, it is wise to always start with the floor first and build your way up.

Personal tastes, I like to do the outline of the floor first before filling it in with the rest of the tiles.




Every building needs a solid foundation and I find it always best to start with the corners for the best alignment of the walls.


Notice how the corner poles were not placed directly on the corner? You can easily adjust them through the "Select" button.


By clicking "Select" It will pull up this gump:


The omnidirectional compass allows you to move tiles over in whichever direction that you would like.





Next part is to fill in the walls. Much like the floor tiles, you can place an entire line of walls using the "Place X" feature.



Notice how the West wall isn't aligned like the rest of the walls? There is an easy way to fix and adjust it!

By using the "Select X" feature, you can target all the wall in it's entirety to adjust over, much like how we did the corner poles.



Since there are floor and wall tiles in that area, it'll pull up the the gump showing both of them highlighted as selected. Have no fear! There is a filter implemented that will allow you to specifically select what you wish to move while leaving everything else in it's position.


Notice how they both have little buttons next to them (One Red, one Green depicted in the picture) Those are what you will select to decide what will move and what will stay.


By selecting "Apply Filter" it applies the hold on the floor tiles and allows you to move the walls with the compass.



Besides a door, the first floor now has all the basic designs of a structurally sound building. For this design though, we will make the first floor the basement and we will set the entrance up on the 2nd floor.

Making a second floor can be rather tricky your first time. I will show you the easiest way to get stairs and the proper Z axis for the 2nd floor correctly.


This process will involve a vertical line of four stair pieces.


Starting with the top row, you can use "Select X" to select them all. Do the proper filter applications so you don't move the floor tiles with the stairs.



In the red outlined box, this will be how you control the Z axis of tiles/items in your Portal. There are three options, Inc +1/-1 Inc +5/-5 and Inc +20/20.

To make a proper 2nd floor, the top row of stairs should be at a 15 Z axis. The easiest way is to do +20/-5. The next row down should be 10 Z axis achieved by doing +5/+5 and the 3rd row should be 5 Z axis achieved by +5. No need to adjust the bottom stairs.


Much like the first story, start with the floor.



Make sure you reclaim the tiles that are blocking off your stairs and clean up the edges with overflowing floor tiles.


Next step is to build the walls, much like before.


In this picture, the border walls directly SW of my character are slightly out of alignment. By using the "Select X" feature and applying the proper filters, we can move them to where they belong without messing up everything else.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is absolutely essential that you get the filters right for this portion. If you notice in the above picture that I've circled two sets of numbers in red. They are both walls, one set from the bottom floor, one set on 2nd story. In order to discern which set of walls you are messing with, you look at the number "h:0" and "h:22". This stands for Height: 0 (aka 0 Z axis, also known as the ground floor) and Height: 22 which is Z axis 22, aka the 2nd story. If you do not make this distinction, it can severely mess up your design. Thankfully there is still Undo to fall back on if such is the case!


Almost finished!

We still need to add stairs leading down to the basement for easy access.

Much like before, follow the same process for success.


Remove the tiles blocking the way upstairs and you have yourself a way into the basement!


And decorate!


While I kept it very basic, there will be many different cool and interesting items for decoration that you can use throughout your Portal. We intend to create unique decoration from events that we can eventually incorporate into the Portal inventory.