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Videos That Are a Bit Older, But Still Good Examples of Ship Fights

Battle of Buccaneers Den

Misc Battles [1] [2] [3]

Becoming a Pirate / Pirate Currency

The only things a player need to become a pirate is a ship and the desire to blow stuff out of the water. Or to leap onto the deck of an enemy ship and see what happens.


Doubloons in a player's bank

Doubloons are the unique currency of the pirate system and are bound to the player who earns them. Any action that requires doubloons will use doubloons from that player's bankbox (doubloons in a player's pack are ignored). The doubloons must also belong to that specific player; single-clicking on a pile of doubloons shows who they belong to.

While technically players can move their own doubloons out their bankbox and give them to other players, they will not be usable by that other player in any capacity.

Building Ships

Players build ships by:

  • 1) Using carpentry to craft a number of "Ship Parts" from the Carpentry: Ship Items menu
  • 2) Using carpentry to craft a "Ship Deed" of a particular ship size from the Carpentry: Ship Items (requires Ship Parts)
  • 3) Double clicking a crafted "Ship Deed" and then spending doubloons to bind the deed to that player (small boats require no doubloons however)


Carpentry Menu: Ship Items


Carpentry Menu: Ship Parts


Ship Parts


Carpentry Menu: Medium Boat Deed


Small Boat Deed


Medium Boat Deed


Prompt to bind a Ship Deed


A Ship Deed bound to a player

Boat Types

Players can craft a handful of different ships types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.


Small Boat Min Carpentry Skill: 70, Ship Parts Needed: 10, Doubloon Cost: 0 Hull Hit Points: 1000 Sail Hit Points: 500 Gun Hit Points: 500 Cannons Per Side: 5 Speed: Very Fast Upgrade Doubloon Cost Multiplier: 1x


Medium Boat Min Carpentry Skill: 80, Ship Parts Needed: 12, Doubloon Cost: 100 Hull Hit Points: 1250 Sail Hit Points: 1250 Gun Hit Points: 625 Cannons Per Side: 6 Speed: Fast Upgrade Doubloon Cost Multiplier: 1.5x


Large Boat Min Carpentry Skill: 85, Ship Parts Needed: 16, Doubloon Cost: 500 Hull Hit Points: 1500 Sail Hit Points: 1500 Gun Hit Points: 750 Cannons Per Side: 7 Speed: Average Upgrade Doubloon Cost Multiplier: 2.0x


Carrack Min Carpentry Skill: 90, Ship Parts Needed: 20, Doubloon Cost: 2000 Hull Hit Points: 2000 Sail Hit Points: 2000 Gun Hit Points: 1000 Cannons Per Side: 9 Speed: Slow Upgrade Doubloon Cost Multiplier: 3.0x


Galleon Min Carpentry Skill: 95, Ship Parts Needed: 30, Doubloon Cost: 5000 Hull Hit Points: 3000 Sail Hit Points: 1500 Gun Hit Points: 1500 Cannons Per Side: 10 Speed: Very Slow Upgrade Doubloon Cost Multiplier: 4.0x

Players may also craft Fisherman's variant versions of any of these ships. Fisherman versions have no cannons, but only require only 50% of the Ship Parts to build and 50% of the Doubloons required to bind compared to normal.

Ship Stats

Each ship has three types of hit points:

Hull Hit Points

A ship sinks when it's Hull Hitpoints reaches 0. As a ship loses more and more Hull Hitpoints, various fires begin to spread throughout the ship indicating it's general level of damage. These fires, however, are merely aesthetic and have no mechanical affect.

Sail Hit Points

Whenever a ship moves, if it's Sail Hit Points are at less than 100%, it has a chance to enter a brief "Slow Down" period where the ship moves at 50% of it's normal speed. The chance for this to occur increases as the ship's Sail Points dwindles towards 0. Note: the ship will continue to move while at 0 Sail Points, however it will simply be very prone to slowing down.

Gun Hit Points

Whenever any ship's cannon fires and it's Gun Hit Points are at less than 100%, it has a chance to Misfire, which simply means the cannon doesn't shoot. The chance for a cannon to misfire increases as the ship's Gun Points dwindles towards 0. Note: the ship's cannons will continue to fire while at 0 Gun Points, however they will simply be very prone to misfiring.

Ship Speed

Each ship type has it's own movement speed, with smaller ships having much greater speeds than that of larger ships. When ships move Forward, Forward Left, or Forward Right they move at 100% of their normal speed. Moving Left, Right, or Backwards is done at 50% of their normal speed.

As noted above, when a ship is at less than 100% Sail Hit Points, it has an increasing chance to enter into a "Slow Down" state for a brief period. While in this state it's movement rates are reduced to 50% of normal, which stacks with the penalty for moving sideways / backwards. So a Galleon or Carrack ship that is currently in Slow Down mode and attempts to move backwards or sideways is going to be a very, very slow ship indeed!


Ship sail damage causing movement slow down

Cannons Per Side / Cannon Volleys

When ships (non-Fisherman versions) are placed in the water, they are automatically granted a number of cannons on each side of the ship based on the type of ship (listed above). When players fire cannons, they automatically fire a volley of all of the cannons that are resting on one side of a ship. The ship then enters a cooldown period of 10 seconds before the cannons on either side of the ship may be fired again (provided they have ammunition loaded). Additionally, when players reload cannons, there is a cooldown before they may shoot any cannons equal to 2 seconds per cannon reloaded on that side of the ship.

Players can single click a cannon to see it's ammunition level as well as the cooldown remaining before the cannon can be fired. A fully loaded cannon can hold 10 ammunition and may be fired 10 times before reloading is required.

Players may double click any cannon on a side of a ship to begin firing a volley from that side. Players may additionally may say the commands [fireleftcannons or [firerightcannons out-loud to fire the cannons on that respective side of the ship rather than clicking on one. Hint: make a UORazor macro for those commands as they are super handy!

Upgrade Cost Multiplier

This will be covered later, but each ship type has an increased Doubloon cost to install Ship Upgrades based on the size of the ship.

Placing a Ship

Players may own and have any number of ships bound to them, but can only have one ship in the water at any given time. Players simply double-click a ship deed that is currently bound to them that is in their backpack and target a water location to place the ship.

The facing of the placed ship will now match the facing of the player when the cursor is confirmed. If you receive a notification that the boat cannot be placed there, you can try changing your facing, or walk (not run) forward and back one tile to reset your position/facing and try again.

Upon successful placement of the ship in the water, the ship's owner receives a Blue Boat Recall Rune in their backpack that the owner (not other players) can use to recall (not gate) back onto their boat. When the boat is deleted / sunk / or docked, the rune is automatically deleted.

Cannons, as mentioned before, are automatically added to any placed boat upon placement in the water. Any installed paint or theme upgrades installed on the ship (explained later) are automatically applied as well.


Double clicking a bound ship deed to place a boat


Ship placed


A Boat Rune for a ship

The Boat Gump / Ownership / New Features

Ships have a variety of new features including the ability to nominate players as Co-Owners/Friends, and managing/viewing a variety of info and settings via Ship Gump.

Owners, Co-Owners, and Friends of a ship can access the Ship Gump of a ship by double clicking on the tillerman of the ship. Additionally, players may also say the command [ship or [boat or [tillerman and then target a ship to get this Ship Gump as well (this command is useful if the ship's tillerman is not on your screen currently).

On the Ship Gump, players can view all sorts of info about the ship including it's current Hull, Sail, and Gun Hit Points, various stats related to fishing and combat activities, view and change co-owners / friends, and some other actions.

Embarking / Disembarking Ships

Ships no longer have keys nor planks. Players who are Owners, Co-Owners, or Friends of a ship can enter a ship in a few ways. From the Ship Gump a player may simply click the "Embark" button to be teleported to a random location on the ship. Players may alternatively say "I wish to embark" near the ship to do the same.

If a player has tamed followers, they may teleport all of them onto the ship by clicking the "Embark Followers" button or by saying "I wish to embark my followers" out-loud near the ship.

Conversely, players may leave the ship by clicking the "Disembark" and "Disembark Followers" buttons or saying "I wish to disembark" or "I wish to disembark my followers". Doing so will bring up a targeting cursor to where the player wishes to leave the ship to. Confirming the cursor will teleport the player or their followers to the location.


Ship Gump


Ship Gump: Embark Button


Ship Gump: Disembark Button


Setting disembark target location


Embarking via speech


Pulling up the Ship Gump via the [ship [boat [tillerman commands

Boat Gump: Ownership Page

While players are no longer allowed to transfer ownership of ships, ship owners are allowed to assign Co-Owners and Friends to the ship. Additionally, players who are Co-Owners of a ship can assign Friends to a ship.

All guildmembers of a player's guild are automatically treated as Friends of the ship, however we'll be adding a toggle option in this gump soon to turn this feature off should players desire so.

By default, only Owners, Co-Owners, and Friends of a ship are allowed to embark onto it, and only Owners and Co-Owners are allowed to perform unique actions such as firing / reloading cannons, doing repair actions and activating ship abilities, and accessing the ship's hold freely.


Ship Gump: Ownership Page

Ship Gump: Options Page

The Options Page of the ship gump currently has two buttons: "Scuttle the Ship" and "Grant Temporary Access". Only Owners of the ship can use these buttons.

Scuttling the ship allows the player to initiate a self-destruct mode for the ship. Players are given a prompt confirmation when Scuttling the Ship as the process, once initiated, cannot be turned off. Once activated, the ship will slowly begin taking damage until it hits 0 Hull Hit points and sinks beneath the waves. While the ship is being scuttled, the ship cannot be repaired.

Granting Temporary access allows the owner to give another player the ability to Embark/Disembark onto the ship as well as access the hold freely for 5 minutes (after which they will no longer be able to do either).


Ship Gump: Options Page

Docking a Ship

Players may dock a ship by clicking on the "Dock" button from the Ship Gump or by saying "dock ship" "dock the ship" or "i wish to dock" near the tillerman.

In order to dry dock a ship:

a) the ship's deck must be clear of non-theme items (explained later) b) the ship's hold must be clear of all items except doubloons belonging to the ship's owner c) the ship must not have been in combat with in the last 2 minutes d) the ship must be stationary for 10 seconds e) the ship's anchor must be lowered f) no players or creatures may be on board the ship

Once all of these criteria are met the ship is converted back into a ship deed bound to the owner, any doubloons in the hold are placed into the owner's bankbox, and any remaining ammunition in the ship's cannons are placed in the owner's backpack.


Docking a Ship


Ship Deed returned to pack

Ship Upgrades

Players can upgrade their ship to change the visual look of it, add passive bonuses, and grant players new tactical options as well. To upgrade a ship, players craft Ship Upgrades Deeds via Carpentry using Ship Parts. Upgrade Deeds are then installed onto ships by double clicking the Upgrade Deed and then targeting a ship the player has bound to them. To finalize the installation, the player then must pay a number of doubloons based on the upgrade type as well as the ship type.

Ship Upgrades come in four varieties:

Passive Ability Upgrades

These provide a constant benefit to the ship and require no activation. They have a base cost of 50 Doubloons to install. They include:

Crows Nest

Increases the search radius of Pirate Spyglass items by 25%

Fishing Trawler

Increases the likeliness of pulling up rare items while doing normal fishing by 25% (note these percentages are still very small)

Secured Hold

Reduces the chance for a player to lockpick the ship's hold by 50% of their normal success chance% (lockpicking is explained later)

Expanded Hold

Increases the max item count of the ship's hold from 125 to 150 items

Active Ability Upgrades

These provide a brief bonus to a particular aspect of the ship. While players may install any number of Active Ability Upgrades, they can only activate one of them every 2 minutes. Once activated, each Active Ability Upgrade provides a benefit to the ship for 30 seconds. They have a base cost of 100 Doubloons to install. They include:

Boarding Hooks

Increases the chance of a player attempting to use Boarding Rope to gain access to a ship by 25% of their normal success chance% for the duration.

Reinforced Hull

Reduces Hull Hit Point damage taken by 25% for the duration.

Exceptional Rigging

Increases ship speed by 25% for the duration.

Mastercraft Cannons

Increases cannon accuracy by 25% for the duration.

Paint Upgrades:

Players may apply paints to their boats. Some versions are only available via craft and others are available via the Donation Shop. Player-crafted versions have a base cost of 150 Doubloons to install. Paints purchased via the Donation Shop have no Doubloon cost.

Theme Upgrades:

When a player has a Theme Upgrade installed, each time they place their boat in the water a random assortment of items related to the theme type will appear on the boat. Note: these items do not affect the ability to drydock the ship. Theme Upgrades have a base cost of 200 Doubloons.

To determine the total Doubloon cost of an Ship Upgrade installation, we take the Upgrade's base doubloon cost and multiply it based on the following ship type multipliers:

Small Boat: 1x Medium Boat: 1.5x Large Boat: 2x Carrack: 3x Galleon: 4x

We can view all upgrades installed on a ship via the Upgrade Gump Page that is accessible by clicking "Upgrades" button on the Ship Gump page. Active Ability Upgrades can be fired off from within this page.


Carpentry Menu: Ship Upgrades


Carpentry Menu: Crows Nest Upgrade


Passive Ability Upgrade Deed: Crows Nest


Prompt to install ship upgrade


Active Ability Upgrade Deed: Boarding Hooks


Paint Upgrade Deed: Pirate Colors


Theme Upgrade Deed: Pirate Theme


Ship with paint and theme upgrades installed


Ship Gump: Upgrades Button


Ship Gump: Upgrades Page


Active Ability Upgrade activated

Ship Movement

In order to set sail, players must first raise their ship's anchor by saying "raise anchor" or typing [raiseanchor. Saying "lower anchor" or typing [loweranchor will lower the ship's anchor (necessary for docking).

Players that are a Owner or Co-Owner of a ship may issue the following commands to move their ship. Note: the quotation marks aren't used when speaking out-loud. The benefit of the Non-Spoken commands via typing [ is that players can create UORazor macros for them and not have to speak out-loud in order to steer the boat (i.e keeping the screen free of text spam for complicated movement)

Spoken Commands

  • "raise anchor"
  • "lower anchor"
  • "stop"
  • "forward"
  • "forward left"
  • "forward right"
  • "left"
  • "right"
  • "backward"
  • "turn left"
  • "turn right"
  • "forward one"
  • "forward left one"
  • "forward right one"
  • "left one"
  • "right one"
  • "backward one"

Non-spoken commands via [

  • [raiseanchor
  • [loweranchor
  • [stop
  • [forward
  • [forwardleft
  • [forwardright
  • [left
  • [right
  • [backward
  • [turnleft
  • [turnright
  • [forwardone
  • [forwardleftone
  • [forwardrightone
  • [leftone
  • [rightone
  • [backwardone


Raise anchor to set sail

Cannon Shot and Other Important Craftable Items

Players will use Cannon Shot, Ship Repair Tools, and Boarding Rope for a variety of ship combat functions. We'll cover Cannon Shot in detail first and then Ship Repair Tools and Boarding Rope in detail later.

Cannon Shot

Crafted using Tinkering and is the ammunition used to reload ship cannons. Cannon Shot comes in a bag of 100 when crafted, although it may freely be removed from the bag and stacked with other stacks of cannon shot.

Players may double-click a stack of Cannon Shot and target a single cannon on either side of a ship, upon which it will attempt to fill all cannons on that side to capacity. As mentioned prior, each cannon can hold 10 ammunition, so a fully depleted set of 5 cannons would require 50 Cannon Shot to reload fully. Players may reload both sides of a ship, or may even reload cannons before they are completely out, however each reload action (reloading a side of the ship) cumulatively increases the cooldown before the ship can fire again. For instance, reloading both sides of a ship that has 5 cannons would cause a firing cooldown of 2 seconds per cannon * 5 cannons * 2 sides of the ship = 20 seconds.

Single-clicking on a cannon displays the current ammunition count and how long before any cannon on the ship can be fired (i.e. the ship's current cannon cooldown).

Ship Repair Tools

Crafted using Carpentry and used to make repairs to the ship (explained later).

Boarding Rope

Crafted using Tailoring and used to make aggressively gain access to NPC and other player's ships (explained later).


Tinkering Menu: Bag of Cannon Shot


Carpentry Menu: Ship Repair Tool


Tailoring Menu: Boarding Rope


Reloading cannons with cannon shot


Cannons reloaded


Cannon current ammunition and status

Ship Notoriety and Firing On Ships

We're probably going to be tweaking the handling on this, but as of right now when a player fires a cannon at an another ship the following happens:

  • 1) The player firing the cannon is considered to have committed an aggressive action against each NPC / Player onboard the target ship (which will result in murder counts for each of those players were that blue and end up dying)
  • 2) Every other player on the boat that fired the cannon also makes a criminality check against each NPC / Player on the target boat: if any of them were considered blue to them, they are now flagged as criminal.
  • 3) Now if the ship that was fired upon decides to return fire with their ship's cannon, steps 1 and 2 are repeated, however with the roles reversed. And because everyone onboard the first ship either commited an aggressive action or was flagged as criminal, they have no notoriety penalty for firing back.

Firing Cannons, Accuracy, and Hitting Locations

As mentioned before, players may fire a volley of cannons by double-clicking any cannon on a side of the ship. Additionally, players may fire cannons by saying out-loud

  • "fire left cannons"
  • "fire the left cannons"
  • "fire right cannons"
  • "fire the right cannons"

or typing

  • [fireleftcannons
  • [firerightcannons

Players then receive a cursor and select where they want to fire their cannons at.

At this point, an Accuracy check is made for each firing cannon in the volley and each cannon ball is preemptively determined whether to be a preliminary "hit" or "miss". By default, 80% of cannon shots will be "hits". Any shots that were considered "hits" will travel towards the spot the player selected, and if a ship or player is occupying that spot when the cannonball reaches it, it will inflict damage on them. Any shots that are "misses" veer randomly off course a substantial amount and will not inflict damage even if they happen to somehow land on something ("misses" are considered to "graze" players or harmlessly bounce off the hull of a ship).

Player skill, ship maneuvering, ship speed, and ship size all play a role in targeting with cannons. It's entirely possible for cannon fire to preemptively be determined to be a "hit" but end up hitting an empty spot of water by the time the cannon ball reaches it target simply due to the enemy ship moving out of the way or by poor targeting on part of the player. As such, small and fast ships can often take advantage of this to hold their own against large, slow ships with many more cannons, at least to an extent.

The other factor that affects Cannon Accuracy is ship movement itself. If a ship is moving it suffers a -20% chance to "Hit". This penalty will still remain in effect even when the ship stops moving, however the penalty amount will be reduced by 2% for each second the ship has now been stationary (i.e. after 10 seconds a ship no longer has any movement penalty to firing).

This movement penalty applies to both the firing ship and the target ship: two ships that are moving and firing upon each other will have a very difficult time firing upon each other (80% - 20% - 20% = 40% hit). So while moving around in your ship may cause a handful of shots to not hit you, you will also have a much harder time hitting your opponent. Players will need to weigh the options of whether to try to be mobile and evasive vs being stationary and accurate.

Anytime your ship fires and hits another ship, everyone on board the firing ship receives a message as to what location on the enemy ship was hit and how many hit points that location has remaining. Players can single click on the tillerman of any ship to see a brief summary of the ship's location hit points or can view their own ship's hit points in their Ship Gump.

When cannons fire, if the ship's Gun Hit Points are at less than 100%, it has an increasing chance of misfiring, which simply means the cannon does not shoot (but still spends the ammunition). As mentioned earlier, a ship at 0 Gun Hit Points will still continue to fire, however it will be at the highest probability possible for misfires to occur.


Picking cannon firing location


Cannon shots


Ship with low Gun Hit Points causing misfires


Ship locations status

Firing Modes

Ships have four different "Firing Modes". Firing modes are as follows:

  • Target Random
  • Target Hull
  • Target Sails
  • Target Guns

Player ships default to "Target Hull" mode and NPC ships default to "Target Random" mode. When a cannon ball successfully hits a ship, it is randomly determined which location it hits. In "Target Random" mode each location has a 33% chance of being the location hit, with the percentages adjusted if one or more locations (except hull) happen to be at 0 Hit Points.

When one of the other modes (Target Hull, Target Sail, Target Guns) is selected, that particular location is now randomly hit 60% of the time (instead of 33%) and the other locations 20% of the time (again, being adjusted if one or more location is currently at 0 Hit Points).

While most players will probably stick with the default Target Hull mode, players may find it useful to change their target mode to Target Sail mode when trying to escape more powerful ships, hoping to do Sail Hit Points damage and thereby potentially sending the enemy ship into a "Slow Down" state and making it much easier to flee.

Conversely, players may try doing Target Guns mode to weaken their target's Gun Hit Points and cause more cannon misfires, which may prove useful if they intended to hang around for a prolonged period of time to do boarding attempts, and keep incoming to their own ship to a minimum during this period.

To change targeting modes, players simply say out-loud while on their ship:

"target anywhere" "target their hull" "target their sails" "target their cannons" or "target their guns"


Targeting specific locations

Sinking Enemy Ships

When players sink NPC as well as other player's ships, they receive Doubloons. Enemy ships have a set Doubloon value based on the type and variety of ship. Player ships have a Doubloon value equal to 1/5th the base Doubloon cost of the ship (i.e. 1000 Doubloons for a Galleon) plus the value of the Doubloons in the hold of that ship. If multiple ships contributed damage to a sinking ship, the Doubloons rewarded is distributed amongst the damagers based on the percentage of total damage each ship inflicted.

Additionally, players can earned increased amounts of Doubloons by Town Citizenship bonuses and buy wearing Pirate Armor and applying Pirate Weapon / Spellbook dye on their weapon/spellbook (which turns them Pirate colored). The current Citizenship Bonus is +10% and the Pirate Armor bonus is +2% for each Armor Item and an additional +4% for having a dyed weapon/spellbook equipped.

When player sinks an enemy ship, the amount of doubloons earned is placed in their ship's hold. Doubloons in a ship's hold cannot be moved by hand. Instead, they are automatically added to the player's bankbox when the ship is dry-docked into a deed.


Sinking a ship


Doubloons added to hold

Pirate Vendor Items

Players can purchase a variety of items from Pirate Vendor NPCs at docks and ocean-themed areas throughout towns in Britannia. Players purchase items from these NPCs using Doubloons, and the Doubloons must be in the player's bankbox (and must be bound to that particular player).

Weapon and Spellbook Dye

Players can dye their weapons / spellbooks pirate colors with this dye, which also increases the rate at which Doubloons are earned while wearing them. If another player attempts to equip a dyed weapon / spellbook or should the player die, the weapon/spellbook will revert to their normal hue on the player's corpse.

Pirate Mage Leather

Equivalent to Hardening Leather. Non-blessed, but each item worn increases the rate at which are Doubloons earned.

Pirate Plate

Equivalent to Hardening Platemail. Non-blessed, but each item worn increases the rate at which are Doubloons earned.

Clothing Items

No armor value, but blessed.

Totem Finisher

Applies a special visual effect when killing other players


Players can purchase displayable pirate titles to show off their piratey acumen. Players simply purchase a title and double-click the title scroll to add it to their list of selectable titles. Players must, however, purchase and activate each rank in sequential order (with Rank 1 obviously having no previous rank)

  • Rank 1: Pirate
  • Rank 2: Raider
  • Rank 3: Corsair
  • Rank 4: Marauder
  • Rank 5: Dread Pirate

OVIkbQ8.png Pirate Vendor items gump

rdWt96V.png Pirate Mage Leather Outfit and Dyes

AACtbWi.png Pirate Plate Outfit and Dyes

Pirate Spyglass

Perhaps the most important item purchasable from the Pirate Vendor is the Pirate Spyglass. Players use a Pirate Spyglass to determine the location of both player and NPC ships. Double-clicking a Pirate Spyglass yields a gump with options for search duration. The longer the search duration, the greater the range the search will cover. Upon picking a desired range, the player will begin scanning the area for ships.

Upon completion of the scan, the player receives a scaled map with the location of any ships in the search range. If the player is currently on a ship themselves, they will always be Pin 1. All other ships will displayed on the map as pins with numbers ordered in ascending order based on their distance from the player.

Note: because of the way UO handles "packet data" for map gumps, we're kinda stuck with the line being drawn between pins in this manner. If the map happens to be way too cluttered with ships and tons of lines, try doing a search with a smaller duration (thereby resulting in a much more zoomed in map).

Players that have a "Crows Nest" Passive Ability Ship Upgrade installed on their ship have the range of their Spyglass scans bumped by +25%. Additionally, players receive a Tracking Skill / 4% bonus to search range as well as a Cartography Skill / 4% bonus to search range.


Pirate Spyglass item purchased from Pirate Vendor


Using a Pirate Spyglass


Scanning using Pirate Spyglass


Results of Pirate Spyglass search

Killing Ocean NPCs

As previously mentioned, when players sink enemy ships, Doubloons earned are placed in the ship's hold (and can only be removed by docking the ship, which then places them in the owner's bank box).

However, when players kill NPCs on the ocean, they earn smaller amounts of Doubloons, but these Doubloons are placed directly in the bankbox of the players who contributed damage towards killing the NPC. Like with sinking ship doubloon amounts, the doubloon amounts rewarded are divided amongst the players who contributed damage based on their contribution percent. These reward amounts are also boosted by Town Citizenship bonuses and players wearing Pirate Armor / Dyed Weapons.

Note: NPCs that die as the result of a ship sinking (which kills all players and NPCs on board) do not offer any Doubloon reward.


Earning doubloons killing ocean NPCs

Repairing Ships

Through use of a Ship Repair Tool, players can repair lost Hull, Sail, and Gun Hit Points. A ship can only be repaired once every 2 minutes and it takes about 15 seconds to conduct a repair action. When players double-click a Ship Repair Tool, they are prompted which ship they wish to repair (they must be a Co-Owner or Owner of the targeted ship) and confirmation will bring up the Ship Repair Gump.

The Ship Repair Gump shows the current Hull Hit Points, Sail Hit Points, and Gun Hit Points of the ship with an icon next to each showing the type of material that will be required to conduct the repairs. Players will double click the respective icon to begin repairs to that location.

Hull Repair

Requires boards. Repairs up to 10% of maximum Hull Hit Points+ up to an additional 2.5% scaled based on repairing character's Carpentry skill.

Sail Repair

Requires Cloth. Repairs up to 20% of maximum Sail Hit Points + up to an additional 5% scaled based on repairing character's Tailoring skill.

Gun Repair

Requires Iron Ingots. Repairs up to 20% of maximum Gun Hit Points + up to an additional 5% scaled based on repairing character's Blacksmithing skill.

For every 10 Hit Points repaired to the target location, 1 resource of the required type will be required (Board / Cloth / Iron Ingot). These resources can either be in the backpack of the repairing player or in the hold of the ship (resources will be pulled from the player first).

If multiple players attempt to repair the ship simultaneously, any players that complete their repairs after the the first person to finishs repairs will be notified that someone else has completed the repairs first (and no resources will be consumed).


Using Ship Repair Tool


Ship Repair Gump


Ship repairs completed

Boarding Actions

Players normally gain access to ships by doing "Embarking" to friendly ships. Players can alternatively attempt to force their way onto ships by using Boarding Rope and making Boarding Actions.

In order to attempt to board an enemy ship, the ship must first have less than 75% Hull Hit Points remaining. As a ship takes more and more Hull damage, boarding attacks against it become more and more likely, but the initial success chance to board an enemy ship is very small. Players do, however, get a +50% success chance to boarding attempts made against NPC ships. Activating the Boarding Hooks Active Ability Upgrade on a ship, if the upgrade is installed, will also increase this success chance by +25% for the duration of the ability.

Players can double click a boarding rope and target a ship that is up to 4 spaces away to make a boarding attempt upon that ship. Players may only make a boarding attempt once every 10 seconds and each attempt expends a charge on the Boarding Rope.

If a Boarding Action is successful, the player is teleported to a random location on the ship and is considered to have done an aggressive action against every NPC/player onboard the ship.

If all the NPCs on an NPC ship are dead, a player who has boarded that ship can freely access the hold of that ship and grab any loot from it (which will usually be gold but could potentially be unique items / rares).

If a player has boarded another player's ship, they must first lockpick the hold to gain access to it, which will be explained later.

To leave a player's boat, you can simply recall away, embark back to a friendly ship that is nearby, or as a last resort use the Unstuck command. Keep in mind, boarding an enemy player's ship is meant to be an extremely dangerous and aggressive action, so be prepared to have a contingency plan if things go awry! (especially if they decide to flee with you still on board)

Reminder: you can use the [ship or [boat or [tillerman commands to target a friendly ship to bring up the ship's gump. You may to use this if for some reason you can't see the tillerman of your nearby boat that you wish to embark to.


Using Boarding Rope


Target ship not damaged enough to make boarding attempts


Successful boarding attempt


Accessing the hold of an NPC ship


Acquiring ship gump via command

Lockpicking Another Player's Ship If you have gained access to another player's ship somehow, you must first lockpick their hold to gain access to it. The difficulty to do so is quite high (roughly 10% success at GM lockpicking) and if the ship has a "Secured Hold" upgrade installed your success chance will be reduced by 50% (down to 5% at GM Lockpicking).


Lockpicking a player ship's hold


Success lockpicking of a player ship's hold

NPC Ships and Other Spawnables

We have a pretty diverse array of NPC ships that spawn in the world as well as unique things for players to encounter while out on the ocean. NPC ships will come in all sizes (small, medium, large, carrack, galleon) but here are some examples of some enemy ships types:


Orghereim Ship

Will attack any ship other than another Orghereim ship. Will likely be found near Ice Island.


Ghost Ship

Will attack any ship other than another Ghost Ship. Somewhat rare.


Fishing Ship

Non-aggressive. Quite common along all coastal areas of the main continent (including in the northern Yew, Minoc, and northern shrine lakes/rivers).


Britain Navy Ship

Will attack aggressive NPC ship as well as any player ship that has a criminal or murderer (dead or alive) on board. A galleon version of each of these ships are stationed just outside the guard zone of each town's dock (players being attacked by other players might want to try to sail towards one of these ships for safety)


Orc Ship

Will attack any ship other than another Orc ship. Location will vary.


Pirate Ship

Will attack any ship other than another Pirate ship. Can be found in large, open water areas with increased concentration near Buccaneers Den. A Pirate Galleon will spawn daily in the bay of Buccaneers Den.


Ghost Ship firing skulls at a Pirate ship