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Pet Battles Pet Battles are a great way to challenge your friends (and enemies!) to a game of strategy and tactics with unique abilities and exotic creatures. Not to be confused with tamed pets, Pet Battle Creatures are pokemon-esque minions that only exist within the confines of Pet Battle Arenas. Pet Battle creatures are summoned upon the initiation of a Pet Battle match between players and they don't require taming skill to command them.

For those unfamiliar with this system, two players face each other in an arena-esque type setting, yet instead of going head to head with swords and magic, they send their pets to fight to the death in order to bring great honor and wealth to their master.


(Actual arenas won't look so lazy in the final product)

Not to be confused with animal taming pets, battle pets are an entirely separate entity that does not require taming in any sort of form. These battle pets cannot be used outside of the arenas.

Each player account automatically begins with one out of four randomized Pet Battle Creatures (Giant Spider, Panther, Desert Ostard, or Gorilla) that are shared across all characters on the account. Players will level up their creatures through battles and can acquire additional creatures through various means (described later). Players can even place wagers on their Pet Battles if they feel confident in their skill or the prowess of their creatures! New pets can be unlocked with a significant gold donation to the "Battle Pets Association" (BPA).









You can click on the little blue buttons next to their special abilities to give you a description of what it does.


Clearly my personal favorite:



Pet Battles Arenas

Players partake in Pet Battles in custom arenas around Britannia, with the most notable arena situated at the West Britain Bank area. Arenas consist of three main parts: the Pet Battle Signup Stone, the Pet Battle Announcer, and Player Creature Totems.

Signing Up for a Pet Battle

To enter the queue to join in a Pet Battle, players double click on a Pet Battle Signup Stone at an arena. If they have at least 500 gold in their bank account (the minimum fee to engage in a pet battle) they are added to the waiting list of players for that particular pet battle arena. Players may double click the same Signup Stone to remove themselves from the waiting list.

Once at least two players are on the waiting list, each are sent a message asking them to confirm their participation in the Pet Battle within 30 seconds. If both players confirm, the Pet Battle continues. Any player that doesn't confirm, gets dropped from the waiting list. Players that did confirm their participation though, stay confirmed and at the top of the waiting list.


By double clicking the stone it will place you in the queue for a match. When a match is found, you will need to double click the stone once more in order to confirm.


Once mutual interest has been confirmed, a betting gump will be brought up.


Pet Battle Rules Selection Screen

Players can wager any amount of gold on their match, ranging from 0 to infinity, as long as that gold is in your player bank box.

Rules Selection Screen

Once both players at the top of the waiting list confirm their place, both are taken to the Rules Selection Screen gump. If players close the gump, they can double click the Signup Stone to reopen it.

The selection screen shows each player's name, their account's combined total Wins-Ties-Losses for all creatures, the fee for the currently selected match, and an optional wager.

The left side of the screen shows your current selections and on the right side shows what your opponent has currently selected. In order to proceed, both players must have the same options selected, including the same wager (which in most cases will be both at 0), and have clicked the Ready button. *Note: to confirm setting a wager value, you must click the blue circle next to the text input for the wager to set the amount in place*

Once both players have clicked Ready and all rules settings are matched, players proceed to the Creature Select gump. If both players can't agree on settings, within a certain time limit (right now 3 minutes) the system will by default select "1vs1 - Solo" and "Wager: 0" for both player and continue to the next screen.

Once a match begins, the match continues until either one player's creature dies, or if time expires, whichever the creature has the highest percentage of hit points remaining is declared the winner.


Once both sides are ready, your pets will spawn in their respective corners and the announcer will announce the imminent frenzy of battle.


Once the count down reaches zero, your pets will eagerly rush forward in order to devour the face off their opponent.

Now what truly makes Pet Battles a unique and fun system are the abilities that each pet is given. Each pet has different stats and abilities.

Example: an ostard is extremely fast, focusing more on speed and evasion than defense and attack, whereas a burrow beetle is a true tank in the sense of massive defense and armor, but sacrifices on speed and attack power. It'll be up to the player to find which sort of style they prefer with their pets.

When the battle commences and the pets spawn at their respective totems, you might notice that hued lanterns show up at the base of the totem. These are the special abilities that the players must activate in order for their pets execute commands.

Creatures, Stats, Abilties, and the Creature Grimoire

Every player account that has joined the Pet Battle league starts out with four basic creatures

  • - Giant Spider
  • - Desert Ostard
  • - Panther
  • - Gorilla

Looking in the Grimoire, you can see that each creature has 7 Different Primary stats that affect its performance in Pet Battles:

Health: Total Hit points Damage: Damage inflicted with attacks Attack: Wrestling skill used for making attacks Defense: Wrestling skill used for avoiding attacks Speed: Attack swing speed Armor: Melee attack damage reduction Resist: Magical and unique effect damage reduction

Additionally, each creature also has 5 Offensive and 5 Defensive abilities that are unlockable. Unlocked abilities are listed by category (Offensive and Defensive) and have a blue orb next to it's entry in the Grimoire: clicking the orb will display a message indicating what the ability does. Abilities that have not been unlocked yet are displayed with a "???" indication.

Creatures begin at level 1 and automatically receive both their 1st Offensive and 1st Defensive ability. Upon every subsequent even-numbered level they will unlock a new Offensive ability available to the creature and every subsequent odd-numbered level will unlock a new Defensive ability.

The order in which the ability appears in the Grimoire list indicates what the Power Level of the ability is. The top-most ability in Offensive Abilities list, which for the Desert Ostard is the "Rend" Offensive ability, is Power Level 1. The second ability that would appear in the Offensive Abilities list would be Power Level 2, and so forth. The higher the Power Level, the more significant the effect it does is, but conversely it will have a higher Power Cost required to fire off (explained later).


Pet Battle in Progress

Power Levels, Power Costs, and Totems

Once both players confirm their creature selections by clicking ready in the Creature Selection gump, a 10 second countdown occurs, and then the battle begins.

Each player is assigned a Pet Battle Totem, which is adorned with a mini-statue version of the player's creature(s), and has a variable number of colored lanterns at the base of the totem. These lanterns represent both the abilities the players have unlocked for their creature as well as the power available to use these abilities.

Blue and Green Lanterns

Blue Lanterns indicate Offensive abilities and Green Lanterns indicate Defensive abilities. Each lantern directly represents a specific ability that creature has unlocked, and players may single-click on any lantern to see both the name of the ability as well as receive a description of what the ability does.

Players are given a number of Blue and Green lanterns at the start of the battle corresponding to the number of Offensive and Defensive abilities the creature has unlocked. For instance: if a creature has 3 Offensive abilities unlocked, they will have 3 Blue lanterns stacked up, and their Power Level maximum will be 3.

These lanterns begin unlit and every 6 seconds both a new Blue and a Green lantern become lit (going from the lowest lantern upwards). When a lantern is lit, players may double click that lantern, and it will fire off the ability associated with the lantern (single-clicking the lantern will show the ability). However, doing so will extinguish that lantern as well as all lanterns below it; i.e. using a Power Level 2 Offensive ability will spend 2 Power Level / lanterns.

Red Lantern

The red lantern are unique in that creatures of any level will always have just one of them. This lantern lights every 30 seconds and when double-clicked while lit, grants a randomized bonus effect to the creature. This bonus could be a large, but temporary boost to damage, or small-to-medium size boost to Attack, bonus experience points awarded on battle completion, a small amount of healing, or any number of a variety of effects.


A player may double click the creature statue on their own totem to open a Grimoire Gump to their own creature, showing their abilities, stats, history, etc. Like in the Select Creatures Grimoire Gump, clicking the blue orb next to any ability in the Abilities list will display a description for that ability.


Green Lanterns: Defensive Abilities


Red Lantern: Opportunity Effects


Totem: Opening Creature's Grimoire Page


Teams Colors and Damage Indications

When a pet battle starts, each player is assigned a team color based on the order that they appeared in the waiting list on the Signup Stone. Team 1 is Blue color and Team 2 is Red color. When doing the "All Names" function in UO/razor it will show your creature's name in that corresponding color as well as any text notification for effects firing off during the match will have notification text colored to indicate which team it belonged to.

Additionally, when creatures are damaged, a damage amount indicator appears above their head in their team text color.

Team colors example


As you execute abilities, the announcer will announce to all those watching this glorious death match which abilities are triggered.





Victory Conditions and Post-Battle

As mentioned earlier, battles continue a player's creature is dead, or time for the match expires, upon which the creature with the highest percentage of hit points remaining is declared the winner.

Each participating creature on the winning side receives 10 experience points and each participating creature on the losing side receives 5 experience points. When creatures receive enough experience points, they level up and receive a new ability (Offensive abilities at even-numbered levels and Defensive abilities at odd-numbered levels). Level 9 is the highest level possible for creatures.

It should be noted that creatures do not increase in base stats when they level up: they simply unlock new abilities and expand the possible range of tactics they can use. This allows players with low level creatures to at least potentially compete against players who field fully-leveled creatures. Granted they might need some good luck and some favorable Opportunity Effects coming their way!

Additional Creatures and Titles

As stated before, all players initially receive one of four starting Pet Battle creatures: Giant Spider, Desert Ostard, Panther, and Gorilla. These four basic pets will be purchasable for cheap off of the BPA Announcer.

Each month we'll introduce 3 new Pet Battle creatures for players to obtain through various means. For instance, on launch we have the following additional creatures acquirable by mean of a Pet Battle Creature Token:

Grizzly Bear: Acquired from the Pet Battle Announcer by paying 10,000 gold

Hellhound: Acquired as a very, very rare drop on monsters or possibly dropping during events.

Burrow Beetle: Acquired via donation shop coins.

Players will also earn displayable Pet Battle titles by various numbers of creatures to their maximum level (level 9).

Creatures we currently have: I8BfYtU.png







Donation Shop Pets

I would also like to point out that pets purchased from the donation shop will be purely cosmetic and will in NO WAY HAVE ANY OVER POWERED PERKS TO THEM.

Future Implements

Expect to see 2v2 and 3v3 Pet Battle matches in the future, as well as champion monster fighting leagues (Where the big boys will come out to play).