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  • Paragon monsters are a very rare spawn that can be found anywhere in the world.
  • The chance for monsters to spawn as a paragon is increased in dungeons, and increased further in Deceit & Hythloth
  • Each monster type has chance to spawn as a Paragon, except for very difficult creatures (silver daemons, elder poison elementals, and the various champions & mini champions will never spawn as paragons),
  • Paragons have both increased difficulty and rewards.
    • Paragons have a small (but not miniscule) to drop a slayer weapon targetted towards creatures in the same slayer group as the paragon.
    • Paragons have a somewhat higher chance to drop a slayer tome which can be used in the crafting of slayer enhanced spellbooks
    • All paragons will drop a skill bronze, silver, or golden skill manual. This item functions the same as a skill scroll, but is tradable / sellable between players.
  • The more difficult Paragons have a chance to drop a locked paragon chest which contains even more loot.
    • A skilled locksmith will be required to unlock the chest. The traps can be disarmed with skills or with the telekinesis spell.
    • Paragon chests often contain a treasure map of one tier higher than the creature normally drops (this is one of the only means by which to obtain a level 6 treasure map)
    • The paragon chest itself can be hued unusual colors and may be of value to collectors


Paragon Wands

  • Paragon Wands are special items which can be obtained as a reward from the City Influence system, and occasionally from GM events or other activities.
  • Paragon wands can be used on any creature that is not yet in combat to transform it into a paragon version of the same creature.
  • Paragon wands do not work on mini-champs or champions, but do work on high difficulty monsters like silver daemons and elder poison elementals.
  • Paragon wands typically have only one charge that is consumed when used.


Paragon Weekends

  • As an incentive to get players out and hunting in the same dungeon, on most weekend, one dungeon will be designated for a substantial increase to the chance for monsters to respawn as paragons.
  • This dungeon will be announced on the forums, in IRC< and town criers will indicate the dungeon as well.
  • The bonus typically starts sometime on Friday and will run through the weekend into the early AM hours of Monday morning.
  • Other special events ongoing on a given weekend may preclude the setting of this dungeon bonus.