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General Changes

  • There are two types of murder counts tracked: Murder Counts and Career Kills
  • Murder Counts keep track of your current number of kills.
  • Murder Counts decay at a rate of 48 hours per kill count
  • Murder Counts are reset to 5 when a Murderer is killed by a Paladin
  • Career Kills are simply the total number of murders the player has committed since character creation. Players suffer no specific penalties for having Career Kills, and achievements may be forthcoming for players with an impressive number of Career Kills.
  • Murderers are unable to use explosive trapped chests (a common tactic to avoid Paladin Justice)

Players can say "I must consider my sins" or say "[ConsiderSins" to see various info regarding their current Murder Counts / Career Kills / Penance Timers / Restitution Fees (the latter two being explained next).

Penance Timer

Anytime a Murderer kills a Paladin, or a Paladin kills a Murderer who has more than 5 Murder Counts they are given what we call a Penance Timer (simply having 5 Murder Counts does not fire this timer off).

For Paladins being killed by Murderers, the Penance timer is a flat 30 minutes. For Murderers being killed by Paladins, the Penance timer is 1 hour + 10 minutes per Murder Count they have above 5. The maximum Penance Timer amount allowed is 12 hours, although we imagine Murderers on average will have between 1-4 hours most of the time when they die.

By default, this Penance Timer has no inherent penalty associated with it. This Penance Timer also doesn't require your character to be logged into decrease / expire.

However, if a player enters a dungeon or restricted area (such as various Graveyards / The Maze) with a Paladin or Murderer character while ANY character on their account has an active Penance Timer currently in effect, ALL Paladins and Murderers on their account go into a Temporary Skill Loss of 50% until all Penance Timers on the account have expired. Which as I mentioned before, will be only 30 minutes if it was a Paladin being killed by a Murderer, or somewhere likely between 1-4 hours if it was a Murderer being killed by a Paladin.

Characters in Temporary Skill Loss are also unable to gain skill or acquire skill scrolls (to prevent potential skill gain exploits).

Additionally, they are now restricted from casting certain "grief" potential spells like wall of stone, AoE spells (likely via scroll at 50 magery), or from doing beneficial actions towards other Paladins and Murderers.

For Paladins, this Penance Timer essentially creates a short term deterrent preventing them from resurrecting upon death from a Murderer and immediately attacking them over and over again.

For Murderers, the Penance Timer is a bit longer, and is intended to give Blue players a brief respite from being attacked in Dungeons by them for a bit, as the Murderer will likely stay away from them for a while (likely retreating to attacking folks in the wilderness during this period).

Paladin Justice

In order for a Murderer to be considered to be killed by a Paladin, at least 25% of the damage the Murderer took during combat has to come from Paladin characters (as opposed to damage from Blue Players or Monsters). A Paladin simply casting Magic Arrow on a Murderer alone will not result in Paladin Justice for the Murderer should they fall in battle.

When Paladins kill a Murderer, the Murderer cannot be resurrected until they pay off a "Restitution Fee" of 500 gold per kill count they have above 5 Murder Counts (simply being at 5 Murder Counts has no penalty whatsoever).

Murderers can pay off this Restitution Fees in two ways:

  • When a Murderer is killed by a Paladin they are given the option in a gump to immediately pay off some or all of the Restitution Fee from their own bank account. We will eventually implement an option for guildmasters to allow automatic payment towards the Restitution Fees of guild members through their Guild Treasury.
  • Any player may go inside any bank in any town and look at the "Restitution Board". On the board is a list of characters currently awaiting their Restitution Fee to be paid off and how much they owe. Any player can click on a button next to a character in the list, which brings up a gold payment window gump from which they can make a payment from their own bank account to pay off that amount of the Restitution Fee currently remaining for the Murderer.

As soon as a Murderer has a Restitution Fee of 0 gold, they are now resurrectable.


restitution fee collection on death


restitution fee board payment


So let's say you play as a Murderer who currently has 10 murder counts and a Paladin kills you.

  • 1) A Penance Timer of 110 Minutes begins (1 hour + (5 counts * 10 minutes))
  • 2) Your character gets the Murderer Death Gump
  • 3a) You pay the 2500 gold you owe (5 counts x 500 gold) from the Murderer Death Gump


  • 3b) Have another character at a Restitution Board at any bank pay the 2500 Gold on your character's behalf
  • 4) You resurrect your character after your Restitution Fees are paid off
  • 5) Your murder counts are dropped to 5

At this point, your PK has no further penalties as long as you stay out of dungeons/restricted areas for the next 110 minutes (or longer if you have another character on your account with a Penance Timer active that is longer than 110 minutes). You won't owe any Restitution Fees if a paladin kills you again (since you're at 5 murder counts now) and your Penance Timer doesn't increase on death again (unless you go above 5 murder counts again).

So this allows players to go to a dungeon, get killed by paladins (and only having to pay their Restitution Fee), but then afterwards stick to non-dungeon areas and continue fighting without any fear of Temporary Skill Loss. Dungeons should be a bit safer for a while, as we doubt most Murderers will enter a dungeon with the threat of temporary 50% skill loss.

We do imagine the wilderness might become slightly dangerous for a little while, as Murderers shy away from dungeons while they have a active Penance Timer, which isn't a terrible thing, as it's pretty rare to see Murderers in the wilderness anyways. Ideally it might bring back that old school UO feeling of encountering a Pk while out hunting.

Becoming a Paladin


Becoming a paladin no longer requires a lengthy quest. Instead, one must simply deliver the head of a murderer to any of the paladin quartermasters located in the various towns.

Paladins must also meet the requirements below in order to be eligible for service:

  • The aspiring paladin cannot be a murderer (must have less than 5 short term murders)
  • The aspiring paladin cannot be a member of the thieve's guild

Loss of Paladin status

Paladins must adhere to a strict code of conduct. Those who stray from their duties can be expelled from the order.

A paladin who engages in any of the activities listed below will lose their paladin status and be unable to rejoin for the listed duration

  • Murdering another player : barred for 7 real life days.
  • Performing a beneficial action such as healing or resurrection on any murderer : barred for 5 real life days.
  • Engaging in any criminal action (those which turn your character grey) : barred for 3 real life days

Vengeance System

Whenever a player is murdered, the attacking character is added to the victim’s Vengeance List.

While a player has someone in their Vengeance list, that opposing player always flags grey to them and are freely attackable until the victimized player either kills them or does a 'Vengeance Qualifying' action such as stealing against them. After one of these events occurs, the opposing player is removed from their Vengeance list (as vengeance is considered fulfilled).

Players may view who is in currently in their personal Vengeance List time at any time by using the commands [Vengeance or [Vengeancelist . Alternatively a player may say "I seek vengeance" to receive the personal Vengeance Gump as well.

The Vengeance List gump shows a list of characters with each entry showing: the offending character’s name, the time of most recent murder/incident (there is only one entry per character), a rough estimation of the last time the offending character was online, and buttons to either delete the Vengeance list entry or offer up a Vengeance Contract for the character entry (described below).


vengeance board

Vengeance Contracts

Players may elect to forfeit their rights to get retaliation on a player by 'selling off' their vengeance rights on someone and transfer the Vengeance List Character entry to another player entirely. In their Vengeance List gump, there are buttons next to a character entry that allow a player to either delete the entry (most players probably won't do this) or put to the character entry "up for sale" as a Vengeance Contract that is purchasable by anyone. Players may have up to 5 entries in their Vengeance List up for sale publicly any time.

To place a Vengeance List Entry up for public sale, the player finds the specific character in their personal Vengeance List and presses a button next to the offending character. A gold cost gump pops up, and the player specifies how much gold they are willing to accept from other characters to give up the contract. Additionally, they are allowed to write a message explaining to any potential buyers any info regarding the contract (such as how they were killed, where the murder occurred, various profanities, etc).

Players are able to view and purchase Vengeance Contracts from a Vengeance Board that are located in every town bank. When a player purchases a Vengeance Contract from the Vengeance Board in town, they pay the gold cost listed for the contract (which goes to the original player's bank account) and the player on the Vengeance Contract is now removed from the original player's Vengeance List and added to the purchasing player's own Vengeance List. This new player may now freely attack, steal, engage that character just as if they had been murdered by the offending character themselves.


player being murdered


vengeance listing after a murder


listing a vengeance as purchasable

This system should add a sincere deterrent towards players playing as a blue character and noto-pking people in dungeons opportunistically, as not only will they not know when their victim might get retaliation on them in the future (could even be somewhere like the WBB), but its possible the victim might sell out the contract and a totally new player will in turn be able to attack the offending character at any point in the future.

Also next to each character entry on the Vengeance List will be a Active Within field that will say whether the offending player has been online within 3 Days, 3 Weeks, or 3 Months. This info can be used by players to either clear potentially inactive players from their Vengeance List (to keep it from getting too long) or to make sure players don't buy Vengeance Contracts on characters that probably don't play anymore (if they haven't been on within 3+ months). Characters that have been deleted will be automatically removed from the lists.

Dungeon Recall/Gate

Recall has been re-enabled for all mainland dungeons with the exception of Hythloth and Deceit, as well as a restriction is now in place prohibiting recall/gate for the lowest level of each dungeon (which are now populated with Dungeon Bosses). Both Ice and Fire islands are recall/gate enabled, it is simply the dungeons on those islands that are restricted.

Recalling / Gating / Moongates After Murders

Anytime a player kills another player as a criminal, it refreshes the criminal no recall / gate timer (2 minutes). If the victim elects to give the killer a murder count, it adds an additional 1 minute of recall/gate restriction for each player involved in the murder beyond the first.

So if a solo pk kills someone, that's a standard 2 minutes of no recall / gate for the Murderer. If 2 players kill someone, that's 3 minutes of no recall/gate for them each. If 4 players kill someone, that's 5 minutes of no recall/gate, and so forth. Players are given a notification, however, of how long they have to wait for before they are able to recall / gate when they attempt to do so.

This system rewards solo or small groups of Murderers, as they will likely be able to recall away by the time Paladins track down where they are at (namely in a dungeon), whereas a large group of Murderers in a dungeon will likely have Paladins eventually track them down before they can recall out. We feel this is a good balance for a system that now allows recalling into and out of dungeons by both blues and reds.

Orb of Holy Sight and Orb of Dread Sight

The handling on the Orb of Holy Sight has changed a little bit and we've introduced a variation of it for Murderer characters as well in the form of the Orb of Dread Sight. When a Paladin has a Orb of Holy Sight, if they click on it, it will bring up a gump on which they have the option to activate and deactivate the orb.

If a Paladin's orb has been activated, they will get a sound effect and a message indication when a player has been murdered (like before, although slightly different in visual and audio now). While their orb is activated, double clicking the orb will bring up a gump that displays a scrollable list of murders that have occurred in the last 10 minutes.

From this list, you'll see:

  • Name of the player who was murdered
  • How long ago the murder occurred
  • How many players were involved in the murderer
  • Where the murder occurred

If the murder occurred inside of a dungeon, the name of the dungeon is listed. If the location occurred in the overworld, the coordinate location of the murder is displayed, albeit randomized by upwards of a 50 space radius (so players know the rough area, but not the exact spot to recall to).

Additionally, there is an icon to click on that generates a map of the murder location:

  • a) if the location is a dungeon, the entrance of the dungeon is the pin point
  • b) if the location is the overworld, the pin point is that slightly randomized location


holy orb in the overworld


holy orb in a dungeon

The Orb of Dread Sight, which is for murderers, does the same thing as the Holy Orb, with the exception that it only notifies them when a Paladin Kills a Murderer. In this regard, it sort of acts as a warning to murderers whether there are Paladins active on the server at the moment, and potentially where they are or have recently been.