Overworld Ecosystems

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This category contains articles about the Dungeons of Britannia.

Overworld Ecosystems

Britannia has several distinct ecosystems, each with their own set of monsters and wildlife. The ratio of monsters and animals to be found in these wilderness settings is by default fairly balanced. However, if hunters focus on monsters and ignore the animals, then over time, the wilderness will become less dangerous as monsters get cleared out and replaced by less hostile creatures. Similarly, if monsters are ignored and only animals are killed, then over time the wilderness will become a dangerous place indeed as aggressive beasts look to players as their only available meal.

For those who are looking for a specific monster or animal, it does mean that simple exploring may be insufficient and you may need to clear out monsters and animals alike in order to let the creature you're seeking have time to establish a foothold.

Types of Ecosystems

  • City: Wildlife does exist in the cities of Britannia, but tends towards smaller, domesticated creatures like rats, cats, dogs, and birds.
  • Farm: Shepherds and ranchers tend to a variety of domesticated creatures like sheep, pigs, goats, and chickens. As with city wildlife, none of these creatures are aggressive.
  • Beaches: Sandy beaches are rare in Britannia, but they do exist and are home to various types of crabs and tropical birds. Though mostly found in deserts, sand vortexes can sometimes be found blowing across the sandy expanses.
  • Light Forest: The forests close to towns are home to a variety of smaller wildlife. There are also occasional encroachments on cities from weaker monsters like orcs, harpies, skeletons, and corpsers.
  • Caves: A variety of subterranean creatures sometimes seek shelter in the caves and caverns that dot the mountains of Britannia. These animals are usually not too dangerous, but dread spiders do sometimes string their webs across these walls, hoping to lure unsuspecting prey. Perhaps driven mad by the magic being used in the city of Wind, earth and ore elementals have dug a maze out of the mountain in front of this city and cave denizens can be found in a larger supply in these twisting crevasses.
  • Deep Forest: Further from town, forests become a wild and dangerous place. Those animals that can survive are stronger and several are aggressive such as forest spiders and dire wolves. Monsters too are stronger and travelers should be wary of gazers, gargoyles, and other foes.
  • Plains: Plains are about as dangerous as deep forest, but are more favored by grazing animals and giants. Cyclops' are a frequent sight and tales tell that even mighty titans rarely stomp their way across the landscape.
  • Arctic: Ice Isle is a frozen wasteland and has some unique wildlife well adapted to the cold. From polar bears to caribou to ice serpents and snow elementals, one should bundle up tight before travelling to this island.
  • Jungles: Home to savages and savage reptiles, dungeons can be a dangerous place. Be sure to bring some orange potions with you as many of these creatures employ deadly venom. Do note that the guards of Magincia have tried to keep their jungles safe for travelers. They have not been fully successful, but this stretch of jungle has fewer monsters than other Jungles across the world.
  • Fire Island: Though similar to most tropical jungles, fire island is also home to fiery denizens of the underworld that have streamed forth from Hythloth. Gargoyles, fire elementals, hellhounds, and similar creatures can be found patrolling the wilds looking for prey to rend.
  • Swamps: Apart from occasional ruins, Swamps are one of the most dangerous places an adventurer can visit. These bogs are full of venomous creatures and dark spellcasters, all seeking to drag foolhardly adventurers to a watery grave. There are only two swamps in Britannia, but any travelers seeking to cross them is advised to bring a friend or stay wary of the horrors that might be found there.

Special Areas

There are a number of special areas across Britannia that house creatures above and beyond the usual wildlife in that locale.

  • Ruins: Many ruins mark places of ancient power where liches and other sorcerers try to make use of the leyline energy that converges on these places. Some also are inhabited by other creatures or villains that seek to establish a base camp for their nefarious activities. Should you find yourself coming across an unusual looking feature in the terrain, be advised that it likely contains some unusual inhabitants as well.
  • Guard Stations: A few guard stations are manned along the roads between cities. The guards here may not be too helpful against monsters, but all are staffed with at least one healer. Should you fall in the wilderness without knowing where the nearest healer can be found, at least know you can always seek resurrection and shelter in these small towers.
  • Yew Crypts: The burial place of lines of nobility stretching back centuries, the Yew crypts have been disturbed by looters and grave robbers seeking to part the deceased from any wealth they were buried with. The souls of the departed have awakened and are not angry at the intrusion, haunting these hallways and tombs. A foul curse hangs heavy in the air here, turning brother against brother and mother against daughter. Those adventurers driven mad by this curse may freely attack other adventurers without consequence. No murders may be reported, nor may any vengeance be sought for crimes committed in this area. These crypts can be a profitable place to hunt, but travelers should remain wary of the danger.
  • The Hedge Maze: The Hedge Maze was first built by a clan of Minotaurs who largely kept to themselves. In recent years, however, they were forcibly dislocated from the maze's center by evil mages who sought to use the magic inherent to the maze's design to amplify their power. They've used this energy to rip portals in the fabric of space, streaming in daemons and other evil aberrations from other dimensions and bend them to their will. This distortion also disrupts the functioning of translocation magic. Neither recall, gate, nor teleport will function anywhere within the boundaries of the maze. As with Yew Crypts, there are riches to be found here, but adventurers need to be aware of the added risk of hunting in an area where one cannot escape with the simple casting of a spell.