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UOAC has an elaborate system, known as Kings.

The Kings system is derived from the IPY2 system with the same name.

This system allows players to actively participate in shaping the world of Sosaria.

To take part in this system, you must first become a choose a city to become a Citizen.

As a citizen, it is possible to become the King or Queen of your town. When you become a King or Queen, you also receive a title that you can choose to display & a crown. Currently if you are Queen, and would like the Queen title, you must page a GM to enable your title.


Kings or Queens have the ability to:

  • Set the Sales Tax on all items purchased from NPC's.
  • Select the town bonus (Crafting, Gathering, Adventuring, etc.)
  • Place Faction Guards of various types.
  • Withdraw money from the town treasury.
  • Stocking Bomb Plans
  • Exile and unexile players.

All transactions, from buying a guard to withdrawing money from the treasury are made public and viewable by clicking on the town treasury chest, located right next to King's Stone.

How to Become King or Queen

  • You must be a citizen of a town.
  • Every 30 days, an election is held. You have (X number of days) to enter your name for nomination, as well as a short catch phrase. To do so, find the Election Stone in your town, and double click it.
  • After 3 days, no more people can enter their name for nomination, and the election begins. At the end of that period, whoever has the most votes wins.

Currently players may not be elected for King of Britain.

Exiling Players

Every 24 hours, the King or Queen may exile a player. A player may be exiled if he is on the city's Outcast board with five or more votes, however the King or Queen must also do his part an actively say the words "I exile <player name>" for the exilement to come into effect.

An exiled player will become freely attackable within the city guard zone. This is the only downside, however, and an exiled player can be a citizen of the town he/she is exiled from, as well as own housing in areas reserved for the citizens of a town.

The King or Queen may remove a character from exilement by saying "I unexile <player name>". There is no limit on how many players can be unexiled.

Placing Guards

A King or Queen can place Town_Vs._Town_Militia guards. To do so, type:

 I am king

Select "Hire Guards", and then chose the guard type you wish to hire.

Some of the guards are extremely powerful. They have a cost to buy them, and an upkeep cost, which is drawn from the treasury every real life day.

There is a 30 minute delay between hiring militia guards.

Hired militia guards now limited to the state of the current guard levels. 1 (Lax), 3 (Standard), 5 (Strong) & 8 (Exceptional).

Guard Controls

A King/Queen or Commander can control guards using commands.

To appoint a Commander the King/Queen must say, "I appoint thee commander". A cursor will come up allowing you to select your new commander.

  • "All/Name Follow" - This will have the guards follow the King or Queen. Under this command, they will assume an ethereal hue and are not attackable nor will they engage enemy militia.
  • "All/Name Patrol" - This will make the guards patrol a certain area. They will still chase after enemies quite far distances but will eventually try to make their way back.
  • "You are fired" - This will bring up a target cursor and the King/Queen may select a guard to dismiss. A dismissed guard will effectively cease to exist, and will not have to be payed for in upkeep costs anymore.
  • "All/Name Ignore (city)" - This will cause guards to ignore militia members from the selected city
  • "All/Name Warn (city)" - This will cause guards to warn militia members from the selected city that they should leave town
  • "All/Name Attack (city)" - This will cause guards to actively seek to assault militia members from the selected city if they see them in town

The commands only work within the city's guard zone. If the militia guards are led out of guard zone they will teleport back to the point they were told to "patrol".

Note: Spawned Guards will NOT attack NPC monsters.

Treasury and Bomb Plans

Once per week the King/Queen may spend 10% of the treasury money on either a withdrawal, citizen dispersement or a militia dispersement.

Bankers will take a fee consisting of 15% of the gold withdrawn & a 36 hour duration to process. A bank check will appear in the King/Queens backpack.

Dispersements appear in the bank boxes of citizens or militia, in a bag, along with a note from the King/Queen. The amount of available funds divided by the amount of citizens will determine how much each citizen receives in their citizen dispersement. **NEEDS AN EXPLANATION ON HOW MILITIA DISPERSEMENTS WORK**

To defend the treasury, the King/Queen may purchase a treasury wall. There are two types available, which will withstand two and three treasury bombs respectively before they blow up and allow an enemy thief to steal the city's treasury. The cost of a treasury wall is fixed and requires no upkeep.

The King/Queen may also use the treasury money to stock bomb plans, so that they can be purchased through the militia vendor. One bomb plan can be stocked every 24 hours.


Treasuries of each city accumulate money based on the tax rate set by the King/Queen, and the amount of goods purchased in that city by players and are also boosted by citizens adventuring in the wild and killing monsters. Money can be added to the treasury manually as well. The treasuries are in somewhat hidden locations in each city. You can see the amount of money in the treasury by single clicking it, and see all of the transactions of the treasury by double clicking it.

The magic walls/gates do not block entry; you can get around the walls by teleporting, but this is intended. If the King/Queen uses treasury money to build a wall or gate around the treasury, the treasury cannot be tampered with unless the wall is destroyed, regardless of which side of the wall you are on. In order to destroy the wall you need several things. You will need treasury bomb plans, stocked by the King/Queen of your city and purchased from your militia vendor for a fee of 1000 gold and 2 vendor credits. With the plans in hand, you will need minimum 88 tinkering in order to craft the bomb. If you fail on the attempt, the plan is not destroyed. Treasury gates require 1 bomb to take down. The magic barriers take 3 bombs to destroy.

To steal from treasury you must be in a militia and a citizen of a city. The treasury you are stealing from must be affiliated with the opposing militia and must be controlled by your town.

Once you have the bomb and destroy the gate, you can steal the treasury. If there is no wall in place around the treasury you dont even need to make a bomb, just walk up and steal. Stealing from the treasury requires 100 stealing, and you use the skill directly on the treasury. If you have the required skill, you will either fail and be inflicted with poison, or successfully steal the money from the treasury and your character will turn yellow.

A successful steal will add 10% of the gold in the stolen treasury, to your own treasury.