Increase Game Performance & Fix Client Crashes

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1. Remove client crashing and screen flickering. Windows 7 does not play nice with razor. To fix any crashing your client might experience with razor you want to run as windows xp admin mode and disable visual themes. Right click razor and go to properties -> compatibility and set it as such.


2. Make sure that "Use Smart CPU usage reduction" is NOT checked and set Razor's Default Client Priority to HIGH.


3. Make sure your razor version and Ultima Online clients are not old and out of date versions, use our most up to date downloads provided here:

4. Reduce the number of spell icons and unneeded gumps on your UO Desktop.

5. Completely log out and restart your clients if they have been left on and macroing for a long time.

6. Minimize or close any extra programs and applications not related to Ultima Online.

7. Defrag and reformat your computer occasionally and restart your PC regularly.

8. Use CC cleaner for general PC clean up.

9. Keep your computer virus free.

Adblock: Noscripts: Free scan: