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Henchmen System

An Corp offers a unique system for hiring NPC henchmen to help do the fighting for you.

  • The henchmen system functions as an alternative to animal taming which uses Begging and Camping skills instead of Animal Taming and Animal Lore
  • Henchmen are generally a little weaker than tamer pets, but offer many roleplay opportunities and some have abilities not possessed by tame animals, particularly in naval combat.
  • Because begging and camping can be macro'd to GM so quickly, the henchmen system offers a means to quickly dive into a pet system without the long slog of levelling a tamer.
  • Because henchmen can be healed using the Healing skill, they may also work better for dexxer builds that have trouble accomodating Veterinary

Getting Started

The first thing that needs to be done is level both Begging and Camping to at least 100 skill each.

  • Begging can be levelled for free by creating a simple macro that repeatedly attempts to beg from a stationary NPC (the vendors on the Nrothwest side of West Britain Bank work well). Running a macro continuously should get you to GM skill in less than two days.
  • Camping can be levelled very quickly by making a macro that repeatedly attempts to start a campfire using kindling. Kindling can be purchased from NPC provisioners. Every time you buy out their inventory, they will double the amount they're selling when they restock. Visiting the same vendors a few times will eventually get them to sell 999 kindling. Going from 0 to GM skill will take approximately 5000 kindling (you can buy 10,000 to be on the safe side). Using power hour at West Britain Bank, camping can be GM'd in an hour or two.

Hiring your henchmen

Henchmen Locations

  • Most of the knightly henchmen can be found at certain city inns
  • Most of the shady henchmen can be found loitering at certain city taverns
  • Most of the Naval henchmen can be found loitering at certain city docks.

Checking Henchmen Stats

  • The Anatomy skill can be used to examine an individual henchman's detailed stats.
  • Like tamer pets, henchmen stats vary between -10% and +10% of a baseline value.
  • Unpurchased henchmen recycle themselves once each day (so players who are picky about scouting for a henchmen with very good stats can check daily)


Recruiting the Henchmen

  • Recruiting a henchmen requires use of a henchmen recruitment deed.
  • Double click the deed and target a henchman to hire it.
    • Once hired, the henchman will be instantly bonded and have XP set as per the deed (like tamer pets, they can still gain more XP up to 250 through adventuring)
  • Each recruitment deed can hire 5 control slots worth of henchman
  • One recruitment deed is awarded for free the first time you doubleclick one of the blue influence signs outside city buildings upon attaining 100 begging and camping
  • Additional recruitment deeds can be acquired from the same blue influence marker signs for a cost of 2 influence tickets
    • Choose "collect rewards" and pick "Purchase Henchman recruitment deed"
    • More information about the City Influence System can be found at that link.
  • The first time you hire a henchman from a given building, you will require a certain investment level on that marker (usually based on the number of control slots for that hireling).
    • If you have sufficient prestige from prestige scrolls, you can invest those to reach the required investment tier.
    • Otherwise, investing gold in that influence marker will achieve the same purpose.