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Guild Progression

Guilds now can gain experience through various means (each of the following awards 1 point per participating guild member)

  • Completing 7 daily achievements (the list of daily achievements is accessed through the quests -> achievements menu from the paperdoll)
  • Capturing a city as a guilded militia member
  • Killing dungeon Champions
  • Killing dungeon Bosses
  • Killing Fire Dungeon bosses.
  • There is currently a cap of 25 guild experience points that can be earned per RL day

Once a guild has earned enough experience to get to the next level they can purchase the upgrade from the guild gump.

  • The upgrade can only be purchased by the guild leader.
  • Sufficient funds must exist in the guild treasury to upgrade the level (cost is 10,000 gold times the new tier. E.g. 20,000 gold to upgrade to Guild Level 2).
  • Guild members can view their progress in the guild levels button on the guild gump to see how much experience their guild has and needs to get to the next level.
  • When a guild reaches enough experience all online players will receive a message informing them of the achievement.


Guild Levels

Guilds now have 10 levels that will offer increased buffs and abilities.

  • One: +1% gold and luck. Increase fame and karma gain.
  • Two: +1% gold and luck. Reduced weapon durability damage.
  • Three: +1% gold and luck. Reduced armor durability damage.
  • Four: +1% gold and luck.
  • Five: +1% gold and luck. Guildmate resurrection ability.
  • Six: +1% gold and luck.
  • Seven: +1% gold and luck.
  • Eight: +1% gold and luck. Ability to respawn a dungeon boss.
  • Nine: +1% gold and luck. Self resurrection ability.
  • Ten: +1% gold and luck. Ability to resurrect up to 5 nearby guildmates.


Using Guild Abilities

Guild abilities can be used with the following power words:

  • An Corp: will res the speaker if they are dead, or give them a target for selecting a guildmate. 30 minute cooldown
  • Vas An Corp: area resurrection in a 4 tile radius of the speaker. 24 hour cooldown
  • Kal Vas Xen: Challenge a dungeon boss to another fight. 6 hour cooldown

All abilities have a guild based cooldown, that means if someone just used self resurrection and you try to use it, you will have to wait until the cooldown is up. Also the resurrection abilities cannot be used in a house or on a target that is not in line of sight.