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Ingame access to features


Quick Ruleset and Feature FAQ

Server and Login


We appreciate donations to help us pay for the server/bandwidth.


Server Rules

  • 3 Accounts per IP are allowed. No more, unless requested and cleared by staff.
  • No unattended resource gathering. Unattended fishing from the shore is allowed. (killing monsters unattended is considered resource gathering)
  • EasyUO (EUO) is strictly banned.
  • Names will be unique and creating a duplicate name will prompt the player to change their name.
  • No unattended macroing in dungeons or caves.
  • No racial or sexual slurs or harassment. Whatsoever.
  • No purchasing of in-game gold for real life money.
  • No dealing of characters, accounts, or items for real life money.
  • Absolutely no disrespect toward volunteers and staff is tolerated.
  • Physically blocking Militia Braziers (i.e. standing on top of one, blocking with a crate, using a pet, etc.) is STRICTLY forbidden under any circumstance.
  • Completely blocking in a character with droppable objects (i.e. crates, stools etc.) is not allowed. In general, blocking with player characters and pets is allowed.

Macroing vs. Scripting

As stated under Server Rules, here's a recap.

  • All attended macroing is allowed.
  • All unattended resource harvesting, including wool and flax, will get you jailed. Exception fishing from the shoreline is allowed unattended.
  • Unattended macroing in dungeons will get you jailed.


  • 700 Skills Cap
  • 225 Stats Cap
  • Skills and Stats cap at 100
  • Non pvp powerscrolls
  • 1str = 1hp
  • Total skill point amount will not effect skill gain rates


  • No Mounts
  • No Neon clothing or furniture
  • No T2A lands just the original world
  • Every town will have all the major vendor types (such as mage shops, banks)
  • Custom housing unique to An Corp and all original and t2a housing will be in
  • Runebooks are blessed
  • Housing deeds are not blessed
  • Limited Dungeon Recall/Gate
  • No UO:R Factions (Replaced by Town_Vs._Town_Militia endgame pvp)
  • Your account must be at least one week old, character must have have spent 48 hours in game and have a minimum skill in stealing of 60 before you can join the thieves guild.


  • Ruleset most closely resembles the T2A era
  • Insta-hit weapon damage
  • Swing speed is stamina based
  • Purple potions are not heat-seeking
  • Lumberjacking will not provide a boost for damage
  • Alchemy will not provide a boost for potion usage
  • Archery is not Insta hit (1 second delay)
  • Macing destroys armor and drains stamina
  • Long spears can be poisoned
  • No defensive wrestling through anatomy and evaluating intelligence
  • Wrestling skill increases your chance to dodge weapon attacks
  • Macroing for PvP (such as through EasyUO) is banned


  • Healing through poison is enabled
  • Reflect/Protection/Reactive can be stacked
  • Poisoning and Inscription currently provide no benefits for combat
  • Protection will not block interrupts but instead provides an armor boost
  • Magic Reflect will reflect one spell only.
  • Magic Reflect can be cast on allies as a beneficial buff
  • You may precast a spell and equip your weapon. Will have to disarm it manually to cast
  • Combat spells are allowable in town
  • Blade Spirits, Energy Vortex, and Fire Fields will attack anyone
  • Meditation through leather

PvE and Rares

  • Champion spawns are in
  • Paragon monsters are in
  • Unique PvE dungeon armor which will provide set bonuses
  • Dungeon PvE armor holds no applicable use in PvP
  • Rare slayer monsters are in
  • Rares, semi rares, shop rares, and rare spawns are in


  • Are generally not allowed in towns. The king of a town may change this to allow them
  • 5 murder counts to become a murderer
  • Paladins/Murderers/Vengeance for more info


  • Becoming a Paladin involves completing a quest line out of Trinsic
  • Can not participate in Town Vs. Town Militia wars
  • Will receive silver coins for killing a murderer
  • Coins can be used to purchase Paladin only gear
  • Upon leaving the Paladin order all Paladin related gear and currency will be destroyed
  • Able to fight monsters with Paladin gear equipped
  • Can freely attack criminals
  • After receiving a murder count as a paladin you will be kicked out and all Paladin related gear destroyed

Town Vs. Town Militia

  • Faction based end game pvp system involving kings, town control and town treasuries
  • Town militias are each their own faction, militia members from other towns will be orange to you.
  • Upon aligning your citizenship with a town, you may then fight for its Militia
  • Double clicking a militia stone found within your town will place you in the towns militia
  • No guild is necessary in order to participate in Town Vs. Town Militia
  • Regular guilds will be totally separate, player guilds participating in Town Vs. Town Militia may still war other guilds in a traditional guild war through the guild stone even if they are in the same town
  • Capturing a town involves capturing the towns brazier
  • Capturing all brazier points will result in the town being captured
  • After town capture the treasury can be raided
  • Bombs will be needed to destroy the walls protecting the treasury


  • Election stones can be found in every city, use these to vote for your King
  • Say "I wish to become a citizen" to join the city
  • Kings Have the ability to place town guards within the city boundaries
  • Kings may adjust the tax rate for it's city
  • Gold earned from taxes/citizens will be deposited into the Treasury
  • Kings may campaign on a specific town buff setup
  • Kings may withdraw 10% of the treasury value a week
  • Kings may exile a citizen after getting enough approvals on the exile board and he will become perma-grey in the town
  • Only citizens of a town can place a house in its immediate vicinity
  • New elections occur every 30 days


  • Crafting has received a revamp and most crafting skills have something extra which they can do or benefit from
  • No runic weapons
  • Vendors will not buy resources (ingots/logs)
  • Vendors have a 5k gold "bank" (applies to crafted items only) which will be refreshed every 24h's
  • Master scrolls are loot from certain mobs only. Used for Inscription
  • BODs are in

Boats and Pirates

  • Smooth boat movement is in
  • One boat per character
  • MIB's are in
  • Boats are now crafted through Carpentry
  • 8 different boats can be crafted
  • Ship cannons can be crafted through Tinkering Blacksmithy and Carpentry
  • Ship deeds and keys can be stolen
  • Boats can be destroyed. Click on the tiller to see boats durability. Dock your boat at the guild dock in order to repair it.
  • The lower durability of the boat the slower it will move
  • When significantly damaged boats will eventually catch fire and can sink. Use fishing where the boat sank if you want to fish up the items that sink with the boat.
  • Players will battle for control of Buccaneers Den see Pirates

What is the Command for...?

See Commands

Razor or UOAM issues

If you are having problems with Razor or UOAM check the Razor Known Issues or UOAM Known Issues page

Where are the Silver Weapons?

Silver weapons do drop randomly off of mobs, just very rarely.

Silver is classified as a "Slayer" weapon.

There are several types of Slayer weapons, and they are only available as random drops from Paragons based on the type of slain Paragon.

For instance, an undead Paragon has a chance to drop a silver slayer weapon.

Frequently Paged Questions

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