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Many monsters will drop a special tome as part of their treasure such as the example image below:

  • If an accomplished scribe double clicks one of these tomes and targets an empty spellbook (freshly purchased from a mage vendor), it will be converted into an enhanced spell tome.
  • Enhanced spelltomes utilize the spells already existing in your main spellbook. You do not need to purchase additional spells to place into the spell tome.
  • Gaining the benefits from these tomes requires you to equip it, thus a mage can receive benefit from only one tome at a time (though there is nothing to prevent swapping back and forth between multiple tomes as you change between utility and damaging spells).
  • All tomes begin with 200 to 300 charges. Each spell cast from those enhanced by that tome consume one charge. Slayers consume a charge whenever a damaging spell is cast against a creature vulnerable to that tome's effect.
  • When all charges of a tome are exhausted, the tome is rendered useless and crumbles to dust.
  • The effects of these tomes are detailed below. All enhanced spellbooks affect monsters only and will have no usefulness in PvP.


Required Inscription Skill

Below is the minimum inscription skill required in order to craft enhanced spellbooks of a given type:

  • Warlock/Wizard/Summoner: 80+ Inscription
  • Fire/Energy: 90+ Inscription
  • Slayer: 100 Inscription

Fire Tomes

  • +25% damage with the following spells
    • Magic Arrow
    • Fireball
    • Fire Field
    • Explosion
    • Flamestrike
    • Meteor Swarm

Energy Tomes

  • +25% damage with the following spells
    • Harm
    • Lightning
    • Energy Bolt
    • Chain Lightning

Summoner Tomes

  • +25% duration for summoned creatures
  • +25% hit points for summoned creatures
  • +25% damage dealt by summoned creatures
  • +15% reduction in autodispel damage
  • All of the above benefits are only gained if the summoning spellbook is equipped at the time the creature is summoned

Wizard Tomes

  • Reactive Armor: +50% effectiveness against monsters
  • The following spells have their duration increased to 10 minutes (but reverts to 2 minutes if you engage in any PvP combat)
    • Protection
    • Bless
    • Arch Protection
  • Magic Reflection: Special uses as per below
    • Increases by 8 the number of spell levels which will be reflected before magic reflection expires if cast on a player.
    • This can go up to a maximum of 16 spell levels for a character with a wizard tome equipped and 100 skill in Spirit Speak.
    • Characters who lack spirit speak and an enhanced wizard tome cast magic reflection as standard (where it reflects one and only one regardless of circle).
    • Only the standard effect is applied if magic reflection is cast on an NPC such as a summoned creature or tamer pet.
  • The following spells have their damage increased by 25%
    • Earthquake

Warlock Tomes

  • The following spells have both their duration and numerical effects multiplied by 3
    • Weaken
    • Clumsy
    • Feeblemind
    • Curse
    • Mana Drain
    • Mass Curse
    • Mana Vampire
  • The following spells have the duration of their effects doubled
    • Paralyze
    • Paralyze Field
  • The following spells have their chance to upgrade to the next higher tier of poison increased by 50% (Requires Poisoning)
    • Poison
    • Poison Field
  • The following spells have their damage increased by 25%
    • Mind Blast

Slayer Tomes

  • Grant +50% damage with any damaging spell against creatures tied to that slayer category
  • A slayer tome has an increased chance to drop from a paragon mob that belongs to a slayer group. That tome can be from any related category (an orc paragon could drop an orc slayer tome, but could also drop an ogre slayer tome since both creatures are in the Repond superslayer category).
  • A list of slayer categories can be found on Creatures & Monsters section of the wiki.