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Cooking is a Trade Skill used to cook various foods.

  • Cooking also offers a few special recipes:
    • Veterinary Salts which are a required component in the resurrection of bonded tamer pets above a certain taming level.
    • Kin paints which are a roleplay item that hues a player's skin and causes weaker NPCs of that type to ignore the player.
    • Lures which are a special consumable that cause monsters to focus their attention on you or your pets.

Hunger Points

  • Every player has hunger points. These determine if you are able to eat a food item when attempted.
  • Eating items will deplete hunger points until the character becomes full. Once a character becomes full, that character will not be able to eat any more until more hunger points are gained.
  • Hunger points can be gained by losing health points and regenerating them over time.
  • More filling foods, such as a roasted boar, are more satisfying than eating small items such as an apple.
  • Eating food refreshes 5 to 10 points of stamina.

Using The Cooking Skill

  • To practice the Cooking Skill you need a cooking instrument such as a skillet or rolling pin, which can be bought from a provisioner or baker.
  • You must also be standing near a heat source such as a fire, oven, or forge.
  • Double clicking the skillet will bring up the crafter interface for the skill. Navigate the menus similar to any other crafting skill to choose what to make.
  • You will hear a distinctive cooking sound. Shortly after, you will receive a status message telling you whether you were successful at cooking the item or not.
  • If you were successful, the cooked food item will be placed in the lowest level of your pack.
  • If you were unsuccessful, you will receive the message "You burned the food to a crisp! It's ruined!" and the item will be lost.
    • If you receive this message when attempting to cook an entire stack of food items, some of the stack will be lost. Some uncooked food items will require preparation and/or multiple items to create them.

Baking vs Barbecuing

Basically, there are two different types of cooking.

First there is Barbecuing. This term is used when you are cooking any of the following Raw Food Items: Raw Bird, Raw Chicken Leg, Egg, Raw Fish Steak, Raw Leg of Lamb, or Raw Ribs. Barbecuing can be done on any available Heat Source.

Baking is the term used when you are cooking any of the following prepared food items: Dough, Sweet Dough, Cake Mix, Cookie Mix, Unbaked Apple Pie, Unbaked Fruit Pie, Unbaked Peach Cobbler, Unbaked Pumpkin Pie, Unbaked Quiche, Uncooked Cheese Pizza, or Uncooked Sausage Pizza. All baking items require preparation and can be baked on any available Heat Source.


Add Heat Source to... to make...
  • Raw Bird
  • Raw Chicken Leg
  • Raw Fish Steak
  • Egg
  • Raw Leg of Lamb
  • Raw Ribs
  • Cooked Bird
  • Chicken Leg
  • Fish Steak
  • Fried Eggs
  • Leg of Lamb
  • Cut of Ribs


Add Heat Source to... to make...
  • Dough
  • Cookie Mix
  • Cake Mix
  • Sweet Dough
  • Uncooked Quiche
  • Uncooked Meat Pie
  • Unbaked Fruit Pie
  • Unbaked Peach Cobber
  • Unbaked Apple Pie
  • Unbaked Pumpkin Pie
  • Uncooked Cheese Pizza
  • Uncooked Sausage Pizza
  • Bread Loaf
  • Pan of Cookies
  • Cake
  • Muffins
  • Baked Quiche
  • Baked Meat Pie
  • Baked Fruit Pie
  • Baked Peach Cobbler
  • Baked Apple Pie
  • Baked Pumpkin Pie
  • Cheese Pizza
  • Sausage Pizza

Preparing Uncooked Food Items

To prepare an uncooked food item for baking, you must double click the combination item first then select the item to combine it with. For instance, to create a peach cobbler you must double click on the dough then combine the item with a peach rather than double clicking the peach first. If you double click the peach first, your character will eat the peach if you have enough available hunger points and it will not combine the item.


  • 2 Wheat Sheafs + Flour Mill = Sack of Flour
  • Water + Sack of Flour = Dough
  • Dough + Egg = Unbaked Quiche
  • Dough + Raw Meat = Unbaked Meat Pie
  • Dough + Pear = Unbaked Fruit Pie
  • Dough + Peach = Unbaked Peach Cobbler
  • Dough + Apple = Unbaked Apple Pie
  • Dough + Pumpkin = Unbaked Pumpkin Pie
  • Dough + Wheel of Cheese = Uncooked Cheese Pizza
  • Dough + Sausage = Uncooked Sausage Pizza
  • Dough + Honey = Sweet Dough
  • Sweet Dough + Flour = Cake Mix
  • Sweet Dough + Honey = Cookie Mix

Available Heat Sources

  • Food can be barbequed or baked on any of the following heat sources: Campfires, Field of Fire Spell, Fire Pits, Fire Places, Forges, Heating Stands, and Ovens.
  • Campfires can be created by practically any player. This is the most common way to cook when out in the field.
    • To create a campfire, double click any bladed object and select a tree to create some kindling.
    • Double click the kindling in your pack and repeat until a campfire is created on the ground next to you.
    • Campfires do not last very long and a new one will need to be created periodically.
    • Kindling is heavy to carry, at 5 stones per bundle, so do not create too much kindling at once.
  • Many heat sources can be found in towns, campsites, dungeons, and many other places out in the world. Once you start looking for them, you will start noticing them everywhere.
  • Forges and Ovens can be created by very skilled Carpenters as House Addons and can become a permanent addition to your home. Check around banks and on player vendors to find them.

Available Water Sources

All cooks require water at some point.

  • Water is required to make dough and dough is required for most food preparations.
  • I recommend that every successful cook buy at least 2 pitchers of water.
    • Water pitchers can be refilled with water troughs, water barrels, and any open water source.
    • Water troughs can be found through out towns in most Animal Tamer and Food/Liquor Shops.
      • Water troughs can also be created by very skilled Carpenters as House Addons and can become a permanent addition to your home.
      • Check on player vendors or ask players around banks in town to find them.

Cooking Stacked Food Items!!

Beware when cooking stacked raw food items.

  • If you attempt to cook a stack of raw food items, all items in the stack will get cooked if you are successful at cooking them.
  • If you are not successful, some will be lost in the effort and the rest will be returned to your pack.
    • To prevent this, keep all stacked food items in another pouch inside of your backpack.
    • Remove one raw food item at a time and place it in the lowest level of your pack.
    • Double click that single food item then select the heat source.
    • Having the other items in another pouch will prevent them from all being cooked at once.
    • If you have multiple stacks of similar food items in the lowest level of your pack and you attempt to cook any of them, all of them will be cooked at once if you are successful.
    • Be careful. This can waste a lot of resources and cooking an entire stack simultaneously yields no greater skill gain than cooking a single item.

Free Food!

  • Wheat sheafs can be farmed from farms out in the world.
    • These wheat sheafs can be milled on a Flour Mill and turned into Sacks of Flour.
    • 2 wheat sheafs are required to create one sack of flour.
    • Flour can then be used with water to create dough.
    • Dough can be cooked to create bread or combined with other food items to make specialty foods.
  • Raw steaks and bird meat can also be collected by killing and skinning the corpse with a bladed object.
    • If you are unable to obtain fish steaks easily by Fishing, this may be the best method for you to use.

Veterinary Salts

Veterinary salts are a special item that is crafted using 90+ cooking skill.

  • Veterinary salts are a required component for tamers to resurrect a bonded pet that took 80 or more skill to tame.
  • The ingredients required are one rare berry and one bottle.
  • If the cook fails to successfully craft the veterinary salts then the bottle will be lost (but the berries will be retained)
  • Rare berries can be purchased for approximately 1950 gold (0% tax price) each from a cook NPC.
  • Each jar of veterinary salts has 5 charges (a pet uses 1 charge per control slot when it is resurrected).



Lures are special consumables that can be crafted by cooks via the specialty items menu.

  • Faint lures can be crafted by chefs with 40 skill or higher and apply a weak monster attracting effect that lasts a long duration
  • Potent lures can be crafted by chefs with 60 skill or higher and apply a moderate monster attracting effect that lasts a moderate duration
  • Irresistable lures can be crafted by chefs with 80 skill or higher and apply a strong monster attracting effect that lasts a shot duration
  • All three lures require one cockatrice egg and a large number of fish steaks to craft
  • Cockatrice eggs can rarely be found as part of regular monster loot
  • Monster lures can only be applied to yourself or your own pets/hirelings.
  • The lures themselves are tradeable and do not require any special skill to use.


Kin Paints

Kin Paints are special body paints that will re-hue the character's body and cause them to be ignored by weaker creatures of that type.

  • The paint lasts for two weeks and persists through death.
  • Attacking one of the creatures for which the paint provides protection will cause the paint to burn off dealing damage to the player.
  • Kin paints dye the player's skin the same hue as the paint jar
  • Kin paints can also be removed using an oil cloth.
  • Only one type of kin paint can be worn at a time.

Kin paints are crafted with a single ingredient with 60+ cooling skill.

  • The ingredients have a reasonably high chance (about 1 in 5) to drop from the same creatures which will ignore a player who's used the full blown paint.

Orc Kin Paint

  • Ingredient: Cave Moss
    • Found on Orcs, Orc Captains, OrcishLords, Orcish Mages

Drow Kin Paint

  • Ingredient: Strange Mushrooms
    • Found on Svirfneblin Illusionist, Svirfneblin Rogues, Gauths, Beholders (in Covetous)

Tribal Kin Paint

  • Ingredient: Bloodroot
    • Found on Savages and Savage Shamans

Undead Kin Paint

  • Ingredient: Bonemeal
    • Found on Skeletons, Zombies, Ghouls, Spectres, Wraiths, Shades