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General Mechanics

UO An Corp is based roughly around "era accurate" t2a combat. This means you should expect to see mechanics like:

  • Insta-hit weapons
  • Precasting
  • Healing through poison
  • No special weapon hits of any kind against other players PvE Melee
  • No specialized "pure mage" viability like poison mages or scribe mages in player vs player combat PvE Mages

Enhanced Mechanics

UOAC also offers a more custom experience to try to curb the traditional sync dump tactics. Magic Reflection can be used in new ways by casting it on your allies as a way to counter a synch dump. Reactive armor can also be targeted on other players. Energy Bolt, Flame Strike, Fire Ball, Meteor Shower and Magic Arrow have a delayed damage based on the distance to the target. There is also a Spell Tolerance system to provide diminishing returns on synch dumps from a large group of players, to help even out damage output between smaller groups and zerg groups.

On UOAC you will find there is no Insta-Hit archery enabled and there's a slight second delay on on bow equip which curbs the strength of archery mage's on the field.

Combat Templates

The following templates are desirable PvP templates for the UOAC (former IPY) rule-set. A (Warrior) template refers to a character with high dex that focuses around the use of fighting skills to deal damage, also known as (Dexxers). Please refer to our page on spells for information on the type of spells magery will allow you to cast.

Magery Based Combat Templates

Tank Mage

Healing Mage

Roach Mage

Stealth Mage

Thief Mage

Anatomy Mage

Dexterity Based Combat Templates

Pure Dex Fighter

Meditation Warrior

Thief Warrior

Stealth Archer

Combat Skills



Evaluating Intelligence



Mace Fighting




Resisting Spells




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