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Champion Spawns

Each dungeon will have a Mini Champion spawn(Sequential Spawn) area where you can kill hordes of monsters to spawn a difficult boss with desirable loot.

  • Mini Champion areas are generally found in the lower levels of the dungeons and are triggered by double click an inanimate object or fixture in the champion room.
    • Double clicking the trigger will clear the area of all existing spawn and start the first wave.
    • Each spawn has many different waves. The waves start out weak, but quickly progress into more difficult spawn until finally the Champion is brought out to play.
  • Each spawn has a theme that stays true to the dungeon theme, so you can expect to see a lot of diversity in the spawns.
  • These fights are recommended for at least 2 to 4 players.
    • Difficulty for the spawns differ. A well organized guild should view each spawn as a challenge to be conquered where as a group of strangers will most assuredly struggle with some of the spawns.
  • The cool downs on each spawn will vary within several hours.
  • Defeating one of these bosses will always yield one piece of Dungeon Armor
  • Defeating one of these bosses grants a 40% chance for someone present to obtain one or two Power Scrolls
  • Defeating one of these bosses grants a 25% chance to obtain a dungeon armor upgrade hammer
  • Defeating one of these bosses grants each player present one point experience towards their next Guild Level

Champion spawns can be found in these dungeons:

  • Covetous:The Drow Keeper (Find the Elven crown)
  • Deceit: The Shadowknight (Find the Necromonicon)
  • Despise: The orcish war boss (Find the banner of the war god)
  • Destard: The Eternal Flame Wyrm (Find the red dragon skull)
  • Hythloth: The Shadow of Peradun (Find the flame of the general)
  • Ice Dungeon The valkyrie (Find the statue of King Odin)
  • Shame: The Hydra King (find and activate the bloody idol)
  • Wrong: Atraxis (find the sacrificial human heart)

There are a few other sequential spawns around the world as well located outside the 8 main dungeons. These are not champion spawns, but still generally build up to something worthwhile such as an ancient lich (which drops standard loot for an ancient lich).