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League Of Heroes (former "Rush challenges")

Every eight hours the League Of Heroes will announce the location of a new dungeon boss monster through the town criers of Britannia

  • Every participating player who damages the boss monster receives a minor reward (skillscroll, gold).
  • A single lucky winner is picked based on a randomized condition (most damage, first damage, last damage, completely random, etc).
    • The winner receives a reward chest filled with goodies such as unique rares, treasure maps, weapons and dungeon armor.

Lesser Boss spawns

There are a few monsters in britannia that generally require a group of adventurers to slay.

  • These lesser bosses have similar loot tables as the dungeon bosses, but they do not drop Dungeon Armor or Power Scrolls
  • These monsters have a fairly long respawn time and drops some truly unique items such as:
    • Iron Maidens
    • Tribal Mask
    • Wall mounted bloodstains
    • Boiling Cauldrons
    • Tall Braziers
    • And much more!
  • The Chaos & Order dragons (Minax Fort)
    • The armies of chaos & order that wage eternal battle at the Minax Fortress occasionally deploy a fearsome dragon to give them an edge on the battlefield
    • These dragons have particularly strong flame breath and adventurers who come across them are warned to be wary
  • The Golden Balron (Hythloth Secret Level)
    • A Balron of very high rank in the daemonic armies that spawns in a secret area of Hythloth
    • This beast bathes in the flames of hell and is all too happy to share
    • His minions are no pushovers either
  • The Red Ancient Wyrm (Wind Park)
    • An ancient wyrm who's walked the land for eons
    • He flies so high that he's often mistaken for a comet streaking across the night sky
    • When he chooses to rest, he often lands in the park in the magic city of Wind

Dungeon Boss Spawns

In an attempt to add more diversity to end game PvM, we have created several large scale Champion style boss fights that will be hosted in custom levels of each dungeon.

  • These encounters are designed with 6 to 10 players in mind.
  • Tackling them with fewer could prove... Disastrous...
  • Currently we have four bosses in-game, fully functional and residing deep within the depths of their respective dungeons.
  • These bosses will be highly contested as they are one of the only sources of class 115 and 120 power scrolls
  • These bosses are also an excellent source of dungeon armor as they're guaranteed to drop one or more pieces.
  • These bosses are also guaranteed to drop at least one dungeon armor upgrade hammer.
  • These bosses also have a chance to drop a trophy item, such as a dragon egg, which plays a sound effect when double clicked and can be used to decorate your home and show off your prowess.
  • In total, we have eight planned (one for each dungeon) and the remaining four will be released for future content.
  • These bosses will be on 48-72 hour timers and there will be a global message that goes out to the entire world when they respawn.

Lyth the Destroyer

Lyth the Destroyer resides in the new and improved depths of Destard 3.

  • The Patriarch of Destard, Lyth is a truly ancient, angry, fire breathing dragon who absolutely despises adventurers and will quickly roast any who stray into his lair.




Demonweb Queen

The Demonweb Queen stalks the depths of the newly revitalized Covetous.

  • The Drows revere her greatness and oft times bring her sacrifices for her and her children to feed upon.
  • It will take a brave group of adventurers to travel into her cavern and confront her in her own territory...




Maggot is the end result of a necromantic experiment gone wrong, or horribly right depending whom you ask.

  • Necromancers who had sworn their allegiance to the darkness had spent years perfecting Maggot into a mindless killing machine.
  • Designed to keep those adventurers who still clung to their tatters of hope in check, Maggot has taken up residence in the bottom of Despise, awaiting the time when he will be called to the battlefield...




Ancient Necromancer

The Ancient Necromancer, an eternal being, one so vile and old that his very name has been lost to the winds of time.

  • Much of the worlds wandering undead can be traced back to this necromancer's toiling with the forbidden arts.
  • He has never known defeat, nor will he unless only the strongest and perhaps the most foolhardy adventurers attempt to exorcise his wickedness from the world once and for all...