Anatomy Mage

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The Anatomy Mage is the most offensive magery based combat template that you can build. With this build you are an extreme glass cannon with the ability to dish out massive damage. In a 1v1 situation versus a mage with weapons or a dexxer type template you will be at an extreme disadvantage so this is more of a build to use in large scape pvp where you can avoid being the target of weapon damage.

Anatomy Mage Template

The Anatomy Mage is very similar to the way the Tank Mage is built, the biggest difference being the fact the Anatomy Mage incorporates the use of Anatomy over Wrestling. This will increase your insta-hit damage but will leave you very vulnerable while casting spells.


100 Evaluating Intelligence

100 Magery

100 Meditation

100 Resisting Spells

100 Tactics

100 Anatomy

100 Swordsmanship or Archery or Mace Fighting or Fencing


100 Strength

25 Dexterity

100 Intelligence