Vengeance System

Paladins - Murderers - Vengeance

General Changes

  • There are two types of murder counts tracked: Murder Counts and Career Kills
  • Murder Counts keep track of your current number of kills.
  • Murder Counts decay at a rate of 48 hours per kill count
  • Murder Counts are reset to 5 when a Murderer is killed by a Paladin
  • Career Kills are simply the total number of murders the player has committed since character creation. Players suffer no specific penalties for having Career Kills, and achievements may be forthcoming for players with an impressive number of Career Kills.
  • Murderers are unable to use explosive trapped chests (a common tactic to avoid Paladin Justice)


Vengeance System

Whenever a player is murdered, the attacking character is added to the victim's Vengeance List.

While a player has someone in their Vengeance list, that opposing player always flags grey to them and are freely attackable until the victimized player either kills them or does a 'Vengeance Qualifying' action such as stealing against them. After one of these events occurs, the opposing player is removed from their Vengeance list (as vengeance is considered fulfilled).

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