Donations will be used specifically for server cost/hosting as well as bandwidth to offer the proper client and patch files.

We greatly appreciate your donations to make this a reality!

Dragon coins are the currency used in the in game Donation Shop.

Dragon coins can be used to purchase in game items

Dragon coins are sold at the rate of $1.00 USD = 100 coins

Character Name

Legal Notice: Donations are considered gifts to the shard and are not for any tangible items or merchandise. When you are donating to the shard you are giving money to support a hobby gaming site, not purchasing anything of value.

Please PM Abigor, Myrddin, Jimmy or Padaxes on IRC or on the forums after you donate so we can give you your coins. Dragon coins can take up to 24 hours to receive.

You can be reassured An Corp will never offer skill augmentation or "disco balls" or anything that would harm the aesthetic and vision of what we all believe Ultima Online to be. If you are looking for neon hats, please check elsewhere!