Skill Gain

Skills gain differently in different parts of the world. Out in the wilderness and within town, you can expect the baseline(100%) of all skill gain, or normal skill gain. Each each city has a "town square" for crafting skills, in which crafting skills gain 30% quicker. ALWAYS raise crafting skills in the West Britain Bank town square for optimal gains. Within a dungeon, all of your combat skills (see list below) will raise three times as quickly. Combined with skill scroll drops from monsters, actively hunting in a dungeon is the fastest way to skill up your character.

Skill gain inside of a house is halved unless you are a militia member.

  • Towns = Wilderness = 100%.
  • Town Square = 130% for crafting skills. Look for the message "You have entered a town square".
  • West Britain Bank = 150% for all skills.
  • Houses = 50%. (Militia members receive 100% house gains)
  • Dungeons = 300% - Britain sewers/Wind/Hedge Maze do not grant this bonus, but the Orc Cave does (Remember, macroing skills UNATTENDED inside dungeons is against the rules)

Dungeon boosted skills with scrolls: ( Anatomy, Archery, Eval Int, Fencing, Healing, Magery, Macing, Magic Resist, Meditation, Musicianship, Parry, Peacemaking, Provocation, Tactics, Swords, Wrestling )

Dungeon boosted skills without scrolls: ( Animal Lore, Detect Hidden, Discordance, Forensics, Hiding, Lockpicking, Stealth, Remove Trap, Tracking, Veterinary)


Power Hour

An Corp uses a classic power hour. The power hour grants players an additional 200% skill gains for an hour. Type "[powerhour" to activate it if it is available or to see when it will next be available if on cooldown. Power hour occurs roughly every 22 hours. Remember, power hour stacks with the dungeon/crafting bonuses mentioned above.


Skill Scrolls

When you kill a monster in a dungeon, you have a chance to get a bronze, silver, or gold skill scroll.

Skill scrolls are hued differently than other scrolls. Using the skill scroll will immediately increase that skill.

  • Bronze = 0.1 skill points
  • Silver = 0.2 skill points
  • Gold = 0.3 skill points

The skill scroll will randomly be generated for ANY skills you have set to increase; 'locked' or 'down' skills won't see scroll drops. The scroll is only usable for the skill range at which it dropped. (Example: Journeyman skill scroll will only work from 60-70 real skill; Expert from 70-80; Adept from 80-90; and Master from 90-100)

Monsters with a significantly lower difficulty than your skill level won't drop scrolls, but any low-skilled player has a chance to get a skill scroll from the hardest monster in the game. Fighting monsters at your current level will provide the best chance of dropping skill scrolls.


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