Shard Rules

Account Creation

3 Accounts per IP are allowed. No more, unless requested and cleared by staff.


Character Names:

Please use common sense when choosing a name for your characters.

Do not choose a name that is offensive. We would prefer not to have to spell out a list of names that are not allowed, and would like to be able to trust our players to use good judgment. If the need arises, however, we reserve the right to ask you to change your character name, or to change it for you.

Keep in mind that you might find yourself a target for retribution from other players if your name offends them.



Do not use offensive or sexually explicit language.

Do not use language that is racially or ethnically objectionable to another player.



No dealing of characters, accounts, or items for real life money.


No purchasing of in-game gold for real life money

Do not exploit any bug in the Ultima Online product or the UOAC server to gain unfair advantage in the game.

Physically blocking Militia Braziers (i.e. standing on top of one, blocking with a crate, using a pet, etc.) is STRICTLY forbidden under any circumstance.

Completely blocking in a characters or dungeon entrances with droppable objects (i.e. crates, stools etc.) is not allowed. In general, blocking with player characters and pets is allowed.

AFK killing monsters with pets or otherwise is illegal.

Client-Side software:

The only programs that may be used in conjunction with the UO An Corp server are the Electronic Arts/OSI client, Razor, UOAM, UOSteam.

Do not use any other third-party programs.

Do not use automated 'robots' to gather resources while unattended, this includes Razor and UOSteam.

Do not deep sea fish unattended.

Do not use MUL (MAP) editors or other client-side hacks to improve performance. Client side 'skins' and graphic embellishments are okay.



Guilds: Guilds should enhance the community, not disparage it. Do not form guilds or groups that promote hate against any group, ethnicity, social category or person.

Staff Interaction:

Players may not impersonate, represent themselves as, or claim to have special influence with, an UOAC shard staff member.

Do not threaten or harass staff members.

Do not argue with staff members in the game. If you have a problem with an action or decision made by a staff member, please report it to a shard administrator through private message on the forums.

The staff will not award special privileges to individuals or groups on a gratuitous basis. Do not ask staff members for gifts, favors, or enhancements to your character.