PvE Improvements

An Corp offers a plethora of fun and engaging options when it comes to defeating monsterous adversaries. We have added unique monsters to stay fresh and creative while ensuring the old school experience remains.

  • Gather your friends and guldmates to tackle fierce "Mini Champions" that reside within dungeons! Each spawn will offer a new challenge!
  • Rare named monster spaws, tougher than your average monster. What treasures await?
  • Earn a special currency by defeating named monsters, used for exclusive rewards!
  • Compete with the entire shard for rares and top tier loot by defeating the evil monsters featured in the League of Heroes!

Improved Monster Artificial Intelligence

You'll see creatures do stuff that you likely haven't seen creatures do before in UO. Creatures will intelligently patrol a dungeon, navigating through hallways and around obstacles, stopping at points to search for hidden players/creatures or to interact with their fellow monsters. Stealthing creatures will stalk a dungeon, leaving visible footprints behind giving hints as to their location, and if not detected, very likely springing from the shadows to backstab players and creatures alike.



You can find a monster walk through the entirety of a level of Wrong dungeon, investigating every room and cell of the dungeon, pausing for a few seconds at various spots to search for hidden players, and even if engaging one and being lured 10 screens away from their original spot, they'll intelligently navigate their way back to their previous locale and proceed with their previous routine afterwards, and looping backwards through their routine afterwards.