UO Automap

UOAM (Ultima Online Auto Map) is a popular utility tool to map out the entire world of Ultima Online.

It's a utility that displays a portion of Ultima Online's map. The map can be scaled, tilted to match UO's orientation, labeled and configured in a number of different ways. You can even link up with your friends and have UOAM keep track of their locations as well.

Feature List:

  • Works with all versions of Ultima Online including Third Dawn.
  • Allows you to link with your friends and keep track of everyone's location in the game.
  • Lets you chat with your friends while you play.
  • The map can be oriented with North at the top or tilted 45 degrees to the right just like UO's radar map (only better).
  • The map can be zoomed and resized.
  • Any location on the map can be labeled and categorized.
  • Labels are configurable: choose any icon, font, size or color.
  • You can define your own categories.
  • Places can be grouped and stored across multiple files.
  • Labels can be turned on or off as a whole or by category.
  • Find any spot on the map by name or by category.
  • Keeps the map centered on your player, just like UO's radar map (only better).
  • Super easy setup. No extra utilities to run. No special codes to enter.
  • Labels are available for nearly all of the major locations in Britannia and the Lost Lands.
  • It's legal.
  • But best of all it's free!

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UO Auto Map