[AAR] Hunt: Neriya

Note: [AAR] is an acronym for After Action Report

Date: 1/5/2016

After going on hiatus for the holidays, the Hunter Association requested the aid of the An Corp Adventurers once more in the form of another hunt. The query today was an unruly ancient frost wyrm that had been stirring up trouble with a nearby settlement. Reliable information had floated in pinpointing Neriya's whereabouts firmly within the depths of Ice Dungeon. Unfortunately, the Orghereim nomadic tribe that have resided in Ice Dungeon have always been an impossible group to reason with. If we were to make it to Neriya, we would have to go in with swords bared, prepared to fend off the Orghereim.

The following battles were bloody. The Orghereim were dead set on not allowing us to get to Neriya. We were forced to slaughter many of their kin, certainly crippling their fighting force for generations to come. Alas, after the many bodies of the Orghereim lay strewn about the battlefield, Neriya appeared to us. While she was not the fiercest query to date that the Association had faced, she was still formidable with her blue flames. Several lives were lost, but the Association completed their mission without an foul play.

Until the next hunt!

Hunter Association Representative


Migrating to Discord 1/4/2016


In an effort to consolidate our playerbase, we will be moving away from IRC and migrating over to Discord. " All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone."

Discord can be used via the web browser, a downloaded client, or through your phone for easy access. To join, simply click on the invitation linked below.

Discord can also be found by accessing our new Community tab on the main page and selecting "Discord".

Discord Website

Click here for invitation!


Hunt: Archmagi Dervish-Dallarooz 12/1/2015 7 PM PST


Tuesday, December 1st, at 7 PM PST, the Hunter Association will gather at West Britain Bank. Killin, the current Lead Hunter Representative will be taking a hunting party out in order to collect the bounty upon the Archmagi Dervish-Dallarooz. He is a powerful mage, corrupted by the Star God. Veteran Adventurers of An Corp might recall facing off against the Archmagi some years back. Alas, he has returned and he is stronger than ever! All able bodied Adventurers are requested to attend this hunt for the battle will certainly be fierce!

UOACZ Launch Saturday Nov 21 2pm CST


UOACZ is officially (and finally) going to start this Saturday November 21st at 2pm CST.

The system will also now begin on a weekly schedule occurring every future Saturday at the same time.

For anyone who hasn't played it yet, here's a very large guide to the system, that we will be converting to Wiki format as time permits.

Map Expansion/Screenshots



Hey all!

I'm new here, but I've been working behind the scenes to bring you some updated map content!

I have worked closely with the team to build new dungeon areas and a new arena for the upcoming UOAC Zombies event! As you can imagine, there is exciting new in-game content and adventures to come in the near future!

The map expansion will be released as part of an upcoming patch - stay tuned to the Announcement section!

Hythloth received a new level, mini boss and boss room. Level 5 is fairly small, but adds additional real-estate to the dungeon, and serves as the entrance points for two new boss rooms!

Hythloth Level 5 entrance:

Hythloth Level 5:

Hythloth Mini Boss:

Hythloth Boss:

Shame now has a boss room, with dual entrances from the deepest level:

Shame Boss Entrance:

Shame Boss Level:

Shame Boss:

Wrong Level 2 has a new entrance, removing the existing teleporter situation. Wrong's mini entrance has been re-worked and slightly relocated. The mini boss room maintains the existing feel, but has been re-themed to merge with the rest of the dungeon. The torture theme continues into the boss room..

Wrong Mini Boss Entrance:

Wrong Mini Boss:

Wrong Boss Entrance (and Level 2 expansion):

Wrong Boss:

UOAC:ZOMIES Arena Preview:










Happy Adventuring!

UOAC World Developer

Upcoming Player Hosted Events!


Legacy is hosting a Halloween themed House Decoration contest!

Classic House
1st place - 100k
2nd place - 50k

Custom House
1st place - 300k (fenix and nomadic added to the prize)
2nd place - 75k
1st place - 50k
2nd place - 75k

Goodie bags will also be given to all winners.

Post your pics in this thread, the theme should obviously be Halloween. The friday before Halloween we can set up separate threads to vote, and the final tally will be on Halloween. One entry per person. If you would like to add to the prizes pm me on irc.

Good luck!


We also have Hollerado hosting a 1v1 PvP tourament!


1v1 Tournament - Order Rules
Format: All rounds bo3
When: Tuesday, Oct. 13th 7:30pm EST
Where: Duel pits
Entry fee: Free
Prizepool: 75k to winner, 25k to 2nd place

Signups will be done at the arenas from 7:30 to 7:55 so we can start at 8pm sharp. No excuse for late entries. I'll be there as Hollerado, just meet me at the arena to be in the tournament.

For those who know old players here, please try to reach them and ask them to participate. Let's try to have a decent bracket, let's have some fun and let the bodies hit the floor!