Patch 2.0.45 - Militia Revamp

  • Tracking range has been tripled.
  • Stealth vision has been removed (can still see your pets).
  • Fixed an issue with our event loot dispursement command not ignoring staff players.
  • Fixed a notoriety issue with attacking tamer pets.
  • Fixed an issue with too much guild experience doing Fire dungeon.
  • Created a key ring bless deed.
  • Cloth folding contraption added to donation shop (combines cloth and turns cut cloth into folded cloth)
  • House plans have been prefixed with [Carpentry Plan] to reduce confusion
  • Town Militia time slots have been removed in favor of a 24 hour system.
  • Towns will now be captured by whomever has the most points at the end of the day (midnight CST).
  • Points are earned by holding at least 2 braziers in the city and kills on point worthy targets.
  • King of the Hill still operates while the town is under siege (you will earn treasury keys being near lit braziers with at least 2 out of 3 lit).
  • Treasury keys are now awarded on kills.
  • Vendor credits have been removed and converted to treasury keys (20 keys per credit)
  • Militia vendors have been removed, all items have been added to the militia vendor at WBB.
  • Stat loss has been reduced to 3 minutes from 7 (can still be reduced by treasury key jewelry).
  • Stat loss will always occur now.
  • Infiltration dust will be required at all times to travel into a city under siege.
  • Kings will no longer flag orange when their town is under siege, instead giving a command to militia guards will flag the king orange for a few minutes.

Khaldun: Act II Report 6/6/2015

For full video coverage of the event:
Part 1:
Part 2:

From the desk of Elimorel:

It seems our second expedition into Khaldun was another successful venture, for the most part. After reading the report, I was relieved to see that the expedition group was able to clear out the second wing with little incident. It felt as if the guardians down there had doubled their efforts against us. The many battles were fierce and unrelenting, but you all rose to the challenge with a fervor that saw their evil intentions beaten back into submission.


The part that troubles me the most was at the end concerning the magical barrier that barred your way. Luna filled me on the specifics she was able to determine from her brief exposure to it. This is a fairly disturbing turn of events that have left us rather confounded. A barrier of this magnitude and complexity has not been seen in the living world ever before. It's an ancient magical form that is now only practiced by the Dread Lord mages that serve Astaroth.

The particular make up of this barrier is vastly a mystery to us and it will take us some time to decipher all the components that make it work. Luna thinks that the power crystals that have been found on the guardians of Khaldun might be tied to it, but research has come back inconclusive thus far. We need more crystals! The request of 1,000 crystals of each type still stands.

It feels like Khaldun has vastly been subdued at this point. However, wee don't know what's behind that barrier. Call it a gut feeling, but I feel that whatever is sealed behind that barrier might hold the key to defeating Astaroth once and for all. We will continue working diligently on our end to come up with a way to bypass that wall. We will contact you all once more when we have more information to pass on. Until then, collect those crystals!

Grand Inquisitor of the Sightless Legion

Return of the Companions! 6/1/2015

Hey everyone!

I'm happy to announce the official return of the Companions to An Corp! What does this entail?

Important parts: Companions are normal players and gain no special perks, excepting a title signifying them as companions and access to the commands [listnew (for locate new), [return (for return from new), and [revokenew (for revoking a young player's status that is found to be abusing the system).

Players with access to companions have access to young chat using the [yc command, allowing them to talk with other young players and companions. Companions will be marked with the [Companion] tag at the end of their name.

We understand the potential for abuse in this system, and thus we have implemented numerous checks in the system to monitor abuse. All companion actions are logged and frequently reviewed, and young players are easily monitored.

What we are looking for:

Notable, trustworthy, and honorable players who have a genuine interest in helping out the newbies of the land. We'll keep the questions short and simple. All applications will be accepted through PM only.

1. What is your main character name?

2. Why do you want to be a Companion?

3. What do you think the role of a Companion is or should be?

We'll be keeping a close eye on anyone we make a Companion. If you're found to be abusing the mechanics in any way, you will have your Companion status stripped and possible further action taken if warranted. This is meant to be a beneficial program to help bring in and keep new players and abusers will not be tolerated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Into Khaldun: Act II 6/6/2015 4 PM EST


For a full review of the events that took place, visit: (part 1) (part 2)

From the desk of Elimorel:

Hail Adventurers!

Our first expedition into Khaldun was a resounding success! I have received the full report from the twins and I can say quite confidently that I could not be any prouder of you all! Though the danger was ever apparent, we managed to clear the first wing with minimal casualties. This is a feat to find joy in, for it brings us one step closer to defeating Astaroth.

From the report I saw there was mention of certain "power crystals" that have been found on the corpses of the monsters that lurk in those halls. We have already received several samples to analyze. So far, we have determined little, but this should change as we receive more samples. To fully analyze what these crystals are, Luna Feii has requested 1,000 of each crystal type be collected. You should be able to add the crystals to the collection nodes located out front of the crypt. Depicted below:


I have also noted from the report that there was another dungeon wing that went untouched. We simply cannot allow any part of the dungeon to go unexplored. Who knows what horrors still roam around freely in those halls? As such, we shall reconvene this next Saturday, June 6th, at 4 PM EST to clear out the remaining wing of the dungeon. I am unsure as to what we will find, but judging from our first expedition, one can assume we'll find much of the same down there. Come prepared to defend yourself!

Grand Inquisitor of the Sightless Legion

Broken Tusk Invasion! 5/25/2015

The orcs of Despise, the Broken Tusk Clan, invaded the Cove Orc Fort today! They sought to establish a new stronghold on the main land in order to use it for their eventual war on humanity. The battle was fierce, but ultimately the humans were able to defeat their army and drive them back to Despise!








Into Khaldun 5/30/2015 3 PM EST


From the desk of Elimorel, Grand Inquisitor of the Blind Legion

Hail Adventurers,

It has been several months since our last correspondence. I can assure you that the Revolutionary Army has not been idle during this time. Many things have happened and it is finally time to gather our forces to strike another blow against the tyranny of Astaroth.

We have established a base of operation at the Yew Prison. When the time comes, there will be portals placed at every major bank to our home here in Yew. We will need to move quickly in order to avoid detection.


Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 3 PM EST

We will be venturing to the ancient crypt Khaldun, located in the Lost Lands. I am not sure what we will find down there, but I would come prepared to defend yourself against potentially deadly threats.

Best of luck Adventurers! I look forward to seeing you all once more.