Looking for An Corp Footage! Promotional: 4/24/2015

Allo friends!

We are looking for previously recorded footage of anything related to An Corp. It is our hope that we can use the best footage possible to create several mash up videos highlighting some of the best of what the shard has to offer.

We are looking for anything related to PvP, PvM, Crafting, or RP. Events, both staff and player ran, are also viable options.

We will be offering 1,000 dragon coins to any player that we use footage from. Note that it will be 1,000 dragon coins per player and NOT per video submitted. The more video submissions, the more material we will have to work with. We will make sure to include a thank you list acknowledging all that we have used footage from.

We will also accept excellent screenshot submissions. Pictures are worth a thousand words, or in this case, 500 dragon coins. For screenshot submissions, we ask that you submit a clickable link to said screenshot(s), instead of posting embedded screenshots directly into this thread. This is to prevent the thread from getting too long. ;)

For those who wish to submit both video and screenshot footage, it could make you eligible for a total of 1500 dragon coins possible. Keep in mind, that you will be eligible only if we use a clip from your submissions. The more submissions that you have, the higher chance that we will use your work, thus resulting in payment of said dragon coins.

Padaxes will be using the best clips from the footage submitted in order to create these videos. Dragon coins will be delivered once the first video has been created. This is so we can make sure everyone receives the appropriate compensation for the finished product.

This is for promotional purposes. These video mash ups will be used to promote the server. They will be broadcasted on the forums, front page, and social media outlets. Any questions, feel free to PM Abigor.

Submissions should be submitted in this thread directly:



Patch Notes: 2.0.35



General Changes
  • Added slayer instruments as a possible drop from paragons
  • Recall restriction beyond criminal timer for murderers has been removed
  • PvP opt in characters (Militia, Paladin, Murderer) will now have heat of battle checks on all travel. Heat of battle goes into affect if you've attacked another player and lasts for 2 minutes.
  • PvP opt in characters have had their recall timer increased (similar to previous increase for miltia just expanded to paladins and murderers)
  • Successful reforging now will improve one magic property (the message will specify which one)
  • Chance of arcane dust yield from breaking item after reforging has increased slightly
  • Dungeon Portal gates will now correctly check for heat of battle
  • Completely revamped treasuremap loot with more items and some unique drops
  • Spell tolerance has been changed to kick in after 6 spells have been cast (3 people casting) up from 4
  • Removed the ability to see hidden players on your team in battlegrounds (can see guildmates or party members)
  • Wisp Lantern summons will now decay after several minutes but can be resummoned immediately
  • Added a region paragon mod so we can have increased paragon chances in dungeons / areas at will
  • Selecting a primary citizenship buff will now remove it as a secondary buff if it is being paid for
  • Fixed an issue with paragon chances in non Hyth/Deceit dungeons
  • LOH reward chests will now have runebook dye tubs
  • Autostealthing will now correctly add skill cooldown
  • Pirate/Murderer/Paladin oil will not wash off on death in battlegrounds

Tamed Creatures
Apologies for this taking a while to implement: there was a pretty significant amount of testing required to make these changes as fair/balanced as possible.

A great many changes have been made to rebalance some of the "weaker" pets available and a few creatures that were fairly overpowered have been slightly tweaked. These stats / skill changes will be automatically applied to all pets, however pets will still retain their -10% to +10% variation that was generated when the pet was tamed; i.e players who have found a good version of a pet will not need to go out and tame a new version of that pet.

- The baseline minimum (before applying the -10% to 10% variation) for Armor Value and Magic Resist has been raised from 25 to 50 for all pets. This allows players to see a much greater range of improvement in many of their pets when it comes to damage reduction as they go from 0-250xp.

- Pathfinding for tamed pets has been reverted to its original algorithm. While in many cases the new version of the pet pathfinding algorithm made handling pets and getting them into combat range with their target easier, it sometimes would result in pets racing off to find a very complicated route towards their target (often far away from the tamer).

- The Bleed ("gore") attack of Bulls, Bison, Bullvores now have a more appropriate "animal" sounding effect

- Players may now improve their tamed creature's Eval Int up to +100% (instead of +50%) of its base through gaining Experience.

- A tamed creature's Magery now reduces the cooldown required between spells casts: this is effected by both the -10% to +10% variation of magery scalar created when the creature is tamed as well as its progress towards 250xp. The maxiumum delay reduction for this scalar and XP combined is -30% (i.e they'll likely cast 30% more spells in the same time as before).

- A variety of new abilities have been added to creatures, including the following:

A creature with Entangle has a 25% chance when attacking to root their target in place, rending them unable to move (but can still attack). *Note, the application chance of this for PvP is exceptionally low*

A creature with Enrage has a 25% chance when being hit with a melee attack to gain +25% Min/Max Damage to their attacks for the next 10 seconds (this can stack multiple times)

A creature with Frenzy has a 25% chance when making a successful attack to gain +25% attack speed for 10 seconds (this can stack multiple times)

Sneak Attack:
A creature with Sneak Attack that is attacking another creature, one which is not focused on it in combat, has a 25% chance to inflict a modified "Backstab" attack that does 50% of the normal backstab damage.

Disease Attack:
A creature with Disease Attack can inflict a disease on its target with a successful melee attack. Disease acts similar to deadly poison in terms of damage and tick frequency, with the notable exception that poison immunity does not prevent it and the Cure spell does not remove it. A creature can only have 1 disease effect on it at any time, however Disease can be active at the same time as poison. Disease lasts for 60 seconds. *Note: the applicable chance of disease in PvP is exceptionally low*

Massive Breath Attack: Fire and Ice:
Massive breath attacks are similar to those seen by Lyth the Destroyer, albeit at a reduced range. Creatures that do Massive Breath will usually alternate between doing a normal breath attack and doing a massive breath attack, effectively having roughly a 30 second cooldown between Massive Breaths. The only targets that will be affected by the breath attack are players/creatures currently listed as either aggressor or aggressed to the creature: players do not need to worry about accidentally catching other players in the breath AoE area of their creature's Massive Breath unless the target player has attacked the pet or been attacked by the pet in question.

Individual Creature Changes
*Creatures will still have their previous abilities / immunities they had prior to this patch unless otherwise noted below. Additionally, any changes to Armor or Magic Resist listed below are considered in addition to the new baseline minimums being implemented

Armor slightly increased

Scorpion Hatchling
Armor slightly increased

Armored Crab
Armor slightly increased

Armor moderately increased

Timber Wolf
Gains Frenzy ability

Gains Bleed ("gore") ability

Gains Bleed ("gore") ability

Corrosive Slime
Magic Resist slightly increased

Armor moderately increased and gains Entangle ability

Forest Ostard
Gains Frenzy ability

Frost Ooze
Magic Resist slightly increased

Armor significantly increased

Black Bear
Gains Enrage ability

Dire Wolf
Gains Frenzy ability

Brown Bear
Hit Points slightly increased and gains Enrage ability

White Wolf
Wrestling reduced slightly

Frenzied Ostard
Gains Frenzy ability

Grizzly Bear
Hit Points slightly increased and gains Enrage ability

Gains Sneak Attack ability

Dex slightly reduced and gains Frenzy ability

Polar Bear
Hit Points slightly increased and gains Enrage ability

Magic Resist moderately increased

Ice Skitter
Dex slightly reduced

Drake Whelp
Armor increased moderately

Greater Lizard
Armor increased moderately and gains Entangle ability

Baying Hound
Wrestling increased slightly

Giant Serpent
Armor increased moderately

Wyvern Hatchling
Armor increased moderately

Armor increased moderately

Swamp Crawler
Armor increased moderately and gains Sneak Attack

Dragon Whelp
Armor increased moderately and Magic Resist increased slightly

Armor increased moderately

White Wyrmling
Armor increased moderately

Wrestling increased slightly and Magic Resist increased significantly

Lava Lizard
Armor increased moderately

Ice Lizard
Armor increased moderately

Magic Resist reduced slightly

Armor increased moderately

Skeletal Drake
Armor increased moderately

Ice Serpent
Armor increased moderately

Lava Serpent
Armor increased moderately

Magery increased moderately and Magic Resist increased moderately

Armor increased moderately and Magic Resist increased slightly

White Wyrm
Armor increased moderately and Magic Resist increased slightly

Arcane Drake
Armor increased moderately and Magic Resist increased slightly

Shadow Drake
Armor increased moderately and Magic Resist increased slightly

Chromatic Crawler
Hit points slightly reduced, Armor reduced slightly, Magic Resist reduced significantly, and Spell Reflect frequency reduced moderately

Dex reduced slightly, Min/Max Damage increased slightly, gains Sneak Attack ability

Control Slots reduced to 2, Min/Max Damage reduced moderately, Armor increased slightly, Magic Resist increased slightly, Petrify Ability frequency increased moderately

Wrestling increased slightly, Bleed Ability frequency reduced, and gains Frenzy ability

Plague Rat
Hit Points slightly increased and gains the Disease ability (loses it's AoE attack)

Arcane Dragon
Armor increased moderately

Shadow Dragon
Armor increased moderately

Silver Serpent
Control Slots reduced to 2, Min/Max damage reduced significantly, Hit Points reduced slightly, Wrestling reduced slightly, and Armor increased moderately

Vampire Bat
Dex slightly increased, Wrestling increased slightly, gains the Stun ability (maintains its bleed and life drain ability)

Chromatic Dragon
Min/Max Damage reduced slightly, Magic Resist reduced moderately, Armor reduced slightly, Spell Reflection frequency reduced moderately

Void Slime
Attacks are now ranged, Min/Max Damage moderately increased, Magic Resist is moderately reduced, and successful attacks have a significant chance to Entangle, Cripple, and Pierce their target

Fire Beetle
Hit Points moderately increased, Magic Resist moderately reduced, Flame attack frequency significantly increased on a successful melee attack and slightly increased on being hit by a melee attack

Ancient Wyrm
Moderately increased Min/Max damage, Wrestling slightly increased, Armor moderately increased, gains Massive Fire Breath

Ancient Winter Wyrm
Moderately increased Min/Max damage, Wrestling slightly increased, Armor moderately increased, gains Massive Ice Breath

Summoned Water Elemental
Magic Resist significantly reduced

Summoned Blade Spirit
Armor significantly increased

Summoned Energy Vortex
Magic Resist moderately increased

Free Consume Battleground Weekend! 4/17/2015

This weekend: Friday, 4/17/2015 through Sunday, 4/19/2015, An Corp will be hosting a free consume battleground weekend.


What This Means

We will be announcing through broadcasts in-game, as to which Battleground is currently free consume. Battlegrounds will be rotated out every few hours!

Your resources will not be consumed! This inlcudes: Reagents, potions, bandages, basically anything that can be "consumed" won't be! Your items are not lootable in battlegrounds and they stay with you when you die. Time to break out your amazing gear collecting dust in your bank!

To Join

Simply click on the "Quests" tab on your paperdoll and select the "Battlegrounds" tab at the bottom right of the gump.



Click on join and you will be whisked away to whichever Battleground is currently active!



Best of luck, Adventurers!



3 Million Lottery Won!

Congratulations to Gummy Bears of East, the self proclaimed Pirate King of An Corp!

Earlier today 4/16/2015,  he sat down at one of the slot machines with a paltry 12,000 in gold coins. He walked away from that machine 3 million gold and change richer.

I sat down with him in order to offer congratulations and to gauge his reaction concerning his new found wealth.

       "A lot of people were pretty salty that I, of all people, won the lottery."

Wise words from a seasoned sailor!


Surely Lady RNG has smiled upon Gummy Bears this night. Here is hoping that she will chose to be as giving in the future!