Preview: Player Enhancement
Video preview of Player Enhancements: Customizations and Spell Hues

Howdy folks!

Just previewing another system we have lined up for the very soon to be finished expansion.

Player Enhancements
Players will now be able to visually spice up and diversify their UO experience with what I like to call Player Enhancements. Player Enhancements come in two varieties: Customizations and Spell Hues.

Customizations and Spell Hues are shared across all characters on an account, and players can view and manage their unlocked Customizations and Spell Hues at Player Enhancement Stones, which will be located near the banks in each city.

A Player Enhancement Stone

Player Enhancement Gump Main Page

Spell Hues
Players will now have the option to change the color of many of their spells to one of 6 different colors: Basic, Fiery, Icy, Earthy, Mystical, and Ghostly.

View Spell Hues Button

Players unlock individual hues for each spell separately, and do so by activating Spell Hue Deeds. Players will be able to purchase Spell Hue Deeds for all available spells in Fiery, Icy, and Earthy hue varieties with dragon coins at the Donation Shop. Spell Hue Deeds will also drop as loot from monsters, events, and other gameplay mechanics, with two unique Hues, Ghostly and Mystical, only occuring as loot drops.

Spell Hues

A Spell Hue Deed

Consuming a Spell Hue Deed

Players can unlock all hues for each individual spell, however they can only have a single hue activated for a spell at a time. To change the hue of a spell, players use a Player Enhancement stone (near any bank) and from the View Spells page, click on the unlocked (blue diamond) under the relevant Spell and Hue listing.

Summon Daemon: Icy Spell Hue Is Now Unlocked And Active

A Summon Daemon: Mystical Hue Spell Deed

Summon Daemon: Mystical Spell Hue is Set to Active

Once unlocked and marked as active (box is checked), the spell will taken on the selected hue.

Summoned Daemon with Mystical Hue

Flamestrike Spell With Ghostly Hue

Explosion Spell With Mystical Hue

Customizations differ from Spell Hues in that they are always available for purchase, and by default do not drop as loot. From the Customization Button on the Player Enhancement Main Gump, players can navigate through the available Customizations. Again, Customizations are shared across all characters on your account.

The vast majority of Customizations adds some fun visual affects, sounds, or animations to an aspect of the game, but a few of them offer some conveniences for players (such as the 6th character on account, and 150 item bank box). None of the Customizations will, however, offer players any particular advantages in PvP or PvM: they are merely meant to be fun ways to show off and diversify the look and feel of the game.

Customization Button on Player Enhancement Main Gump

Customization Options Available For Purchase

Customization Options Available For Purchase

Customization Options Available For Purchase

Customization Options Available For Purchase

Selecting a Customization To Purchase and Unlock

Players purchasing a Customization will be given a confirmation prompt before finalizing a purchase. Upon purchase, the Customization will automatically be enabled. Players can at any time disable a particular Customization they have unlocked by deselecting it from the Customization Gump via the Player Enhancement Stone.

Confirmation of Purchase for "Carnage" Customization

Carnage Customization is Unlocked and Activated

I'm currently finishing up the code on a good number of the Customizations listed on here, however we may change up some of the gold prices / availability of particular offerings in the next several weeks. The Carnage Customization will absolutely be available however :P

Carnage Customization makes killed players explode in a shower of gore



Tournament, Sunday (5/17) @ 5 PM EDT (9 PM UTC)

Come join us this Sunday for an order an chaos tournament at 5 pm EDT. The reward for this tournament will be a blessed black piece of clothing for the winner of each tournament, as well as your character statues displayed on top of West Britain Bank! Good luck!

Patch Notes: 2.0.39

  • Castle inner doors are freely lockable now. Castle owners may need to change the house key before the doors become lockable.
  • Plant seeds can be identified with GM item ID. (either seed directly or bag of seeds)
  • Adjusted some MIB loot (removed some extra chances at the same items and capped their max loot level)
  • Colored wood has been enabled
  • Fixed a small difference in the [rushtimer command
  • Pets will now stop or stay when their owner logs out
  • Fish steaks and ribs can be used to gain cooking up to 120 skill
  • Scales, spyglasses and heating stands can be used to gain tinkering up to 120 skill
  • Added a slew of new mobs for usage in upcoming events!