Haku The Battle God 7/7/2015

The Atlanteans are a rather mysterious tribe of individuals who have taken up residence deep within the depths of Shame. Their strong ties with the elements of the world have lead to their unprecedented knowledge and skill in elemental magic.
Haku, The Battle God, a renowned Priest of the Flame among the Atlanteans, made an attempt at invading Wind. Haku had heard of the overwhelming powerful Ancient Red Wyrm that resided with in the Park. It was his intention to confront the Wyrm and tame him, adding another powerful entity to the Atlantean forces.

Alas, the Gods of the land did not approve of this plan since it interfered with their Battle for Wind hour that they forced the town militias to participate in, and barred entry to Wind to all.

With the mission foiled, Haku retreated back to the Fire Temple within Shame, yet the Adventurers followed him...


Lore Story: Crystals for the Khaldun Event Arc

This is meant as an RP story follow up to the end results of the first two parts of our Khaldun Event Arc:

First Expedition:



Second Expedition:




Link here for the story: http://forum.uoancorp.com/threads/into-khaldun-lore-story-arc.6678/#post-54768



Luna gazed into the power crystal intently. Its murky essence had a sickly purplish hue to it, earning its working name “Murky Crystal”. These crystals had remained largely a mystery to Luna. She had read about them in her studies of the mystical arts. The formation of these crystals was labeled as a forbidden art, one that had died out of practice centuries ago. An art that the most devout and corrupt followers of Astaroth had eagerly embraced. The crystals were essentially the extracted souls of humans who sacrificed their being for increased power.

A ritual is performed, requiring several mages of high caliber, in order to facilitate the spell needed to draw the soul out. During the ritual, the soul is melded and turned into a crystalline state. Most of the recipient targets react differently to having their soul drawn out, but nearly all go through some sort of twisted bodily transformation. Weak souls see the most changes to their physical state of being, most losing their cognitive ability to think on their own. They become powerful, mindless tools that adept mages can easily manipulate and control. The stronger the soul, the less changes happen to the body. The crystal acts as a conduit of energy, capable of enhancing the physical, mental, and magical abilities of the possessor if tapped. For the mindless weaklings that undergo the ritual, they are nearly incapable of tapping this power, but for those strong enough to retain their free will, the return in power is nearly unfathomable. The most interesting part of this ritual was that the spell rendered anyone to undergo it, virtually immortal. As long as the crystal remained intact and within reach of its host, the bearer would never die. Naturally it was this aspect that drew the interest of many greedy, power hungry mages.

There are many powerful Dread Lords that serve Astaroth directly, some rumored to have been around since the Eternal Day.

What would one be willing to sacrifice in the name of greater power?

This thought echoed constantly in the mind of Luna since the first power crystal had been recovered. She had poured many hours into the dissection of these crystals and to the study of the barrier that had blocked them at the end of their Second expedition.

Luna discarded the Murky Crystal into the vast pile that had been collected for her. Originally she had asked for over a thousand of each crystal type be collected, but she had found that with only six hundred samples, she had managed to glean all the information she needed from the Murky and Bloody Crystals. Her stockpile of the Grave Dust and Noxious crystals was nearing that magic number as well.

Luna left the storage room, slowly making her way towards the HQ where Klopas and Elimorel waited, lost in thought.

The barrier was on a whole other plane of complexity. Luna was certain that it had to have been cast by a high ranking Devil. The framework and structure was otherworldly in how precise and finely woven it was. It was unnerving to Luna, a practiced, gifted mage in her own right, to gaze upon such a work of wonder. In order for her to be able to cast a barrier so fine, she would have to devote the rest of her natural life span to the study of barrier magic and she was certain she would only be able to produce one only a tenth as powerful as the behemoth that blocked their path.

What troubled her the most was that somehow the crystals were tied into the barrier, acting as a means to bolster the blockade. The different elements of the crystals were intertwined within the framework of the barrier itself. Any attempt for her to delve into the magical make up, was met with heavy resistance, their force so powerful, if she weren’t careful, would surely be the end of her. Hundreds must have died, their souls infused with the barrier structure. Whatever was sealed away in there, Astaroth was quite adamant about it not getting out.

However, she was confident that she could unravel the spell. She needed a powerful catalyst to counteract the crystal elements long enough so that she could untangle the weaves enough to weaken the barrier. When she was looking for clues on what they might possibly be hiding deep within Khaldun, she had stumbled upon an incantation that could potentially give her the ability to convert the already gathered crystals into energy. The spell was untested, but she believed she could use it as the catalyst she needed to take down the barrier.

It was certainly risky, but she didn’t see much of a choice in the matter. They needed whatever was down there in order to take down Astaroth and reestablish human dominance over Sosaria once again.

The plan called for six hundred of each crystal to be used in the spell as the necessary catalyst to break the barrier down. Luna sighed as she found herself outside the door to the Command Headquarters. She was about to propose a reckless plan that could see the whole lot of them killed if a single mistake was made. She squared her shoulders and pushed the door open, read to lay out their next plan of attack.

Official Expansion An Corp: Resurrection

I'm sure by now many of you by now have heard rumblings of the expansion we've been working on. It's been a long, arduous process, in large part due to the sheer amount of coding required to make these systems a reality. We've already known what an animal Luthius was when it came to coding, but I think we can safely say he's out done himself on this one.

Luthius has been sharing system information in these threads:


We, as a staff team, have spent the last several weeks doing preliminary testing for all of these new changes. I would like to offer a big thanks to Fenix, BBC, and East, for coming in and helping out with some of these tests. We've already found a lot of bugs and fixed them up, thanks to the players and staff testing.

Launch Date

Over the next two weeks we will be making a lot of final pushes. We'll be inviting more people to a more open testing ground for anyone interested in experiencing the new content by breaking it thoroughly. With the way things are shaping up right now, we are hoping a date of 7/11/2015 to have the final version ready to push to our live server. In the coming weeks, look for our postings that will cover the new systems thoroughly in their own individual write ups.

With our server population on the up and rising, we couldn't ask for a more perfect time to introduce our first expansion. Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed An Corp thus far. You guys are our true inspiration to continue doing what we do and we love you for that.

The Golems and the Controller 6/30/2015


 Youtube Video link:


The Controller, an unknown hedge mage that came from the Compassion Desert, attempted to raise up a Golem Army this night. With the help of the Ophidians, he had uncovered a Golem Control Rod, a powerful rod that gave him total authority over any golem he found. His goal was to destroy Sosaria and end this world as we knew it.


The Adventurers of An Corp rose up to the occasion, making a show of force that would cause the God's themselves to tremble in fear.


While the Controller managed to raise several golems, they were ultimately beaten into submission. Enraged by this, he joined the fight, his wrath certainly frightening.


Alas, The Controller was defeated, his Golem Control Rod wrested from his hands. A victory for the Adventurers, surely, but the nights trials were not over! An Emperor Dragon made it's presence known and the scorching fight ensued. Sadly, all footage of this battle was burned to cinders, but several artist renditions made it out of the flames.