Player Profile: GrizzlyGhost


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The other day I chased down GrizzlysGhost, owner and operator of the Vendor right south of the west Britain bridge. GrizzlyGhost was suggested to me by a player, and it was pretty easy to see he would be a good choice.

Here is my interview.

GM Gustav,"So, do you like to be called Absynth, or GrizzlysGhost, or another name?"

GrizzlysGhost,"I respond best to Grizz I guess."

GM Gustav,"How long have you been on An Corp?"

GrizzlysGhost,"Just over three months and it's been a great experience so far."

GM Gustav,"Glad to hear it. What brought you to An Corp?"

GrizzlysGhost,"UO has been on and off my mind since I played it back in 98-2000... I thought I'd investigate it online a bit and see if there was still a presence."

GM Gustav,"Ah, the UO curse"

GrizzlysGhost,"I stumbled upon Papa Carl's videos and I was hooked."



[AAR] Hunt: The Plague!


After a week filled with rumors going around of a plague in the Moonglow area, the Hunter Association put out a mission for the Adventurers of An Corp to investigate. The Hunt was lead by Hunter Representative, Killin. The first order of business was to evacuate the common citizens from the Moonglow area. Due to the sickness going around, the guards had been decimated, resulting in a barren town, open to any sort of bandit or monster to invade freely.

The first reports of infection, oddly enough, began in the zoo, and so the Hunt's first objective was to investigate the zoo. However on the way out of town, the Adventurer's were accosted by a rabid swarm of animals.


The normally timid and harmless animals drove onward in a seemingly endless wave of gnashing teeth.


With the slaughter at an end, the Adventurers continued their way to the Moonglow Zoo. Upon arrival, naught was amiss with the residents of the zoo. At this time, Killin received a distress call from town. Racing back to Moonglow, he could sense evil forces about. Sure enough as they made it into the town proper, undead waves started to appear.



The undead, true to their nature, were numerous and relentless in their assault. What followed was a two hour long battle, each side trying to grind down their opposition. Many different faces of the undead were seen, each one more fearsome than the last, and it wasn't long until one of the perpetrators of the plague appeared.


With Grikas the Plaguebringer brought to his knees, the Adventurers turned their attention to the Southern part of town where the undead still ran rampant.


This fight seemed to be quite a bit faster, likely due to the fact the Adventurers weren't spread out and were more focused in one area. Shozad the Defiler finally appeared to the group and thought the fight was drawn out, the stalwart Adventurers were able to defeat him as well.


And though the two powerful Bone Kings fell, all was not right with Moonglow. Killin still felt a profound evil hanging over the town and so at the behest of the Hunter Association, they voted to keep the citizens away from town for the time being. During the battle, Adventurers reported coming across strange crystals on the corpses of the undead; covered in what could only be described as "Gravedust".


Located in the North East part of town, the Association has successfully diverted all undead creatures from the area; offering a limited zone of safety for research and restocking needs. Association Hunters of all backgrounds are conducting experiments on the Gravedust Crystals found. They are certain that these crystals are the cause of the disease that has been plaguing Moonglow, but they need more crystals in order to be certain.

A reward has been posted from the Association: We need more of these Gravedust Crystals! If we can collect 2000 crystals by this time next week, we will show our appreciation by handing out official "Hunter Sashes" to all Adventurers.

Sunday, January 24th, at 5 PM PST: DeDos the Harbinger!


There is, of course, another rumor going around. Around this time last year, the entity known as DeDos visited us and we were besieged by this bastard for nearly three entire months. The battle was long and though a mortal wound was inflicted upon us, we were able to persevere. Now, a year later on the anniversary of the attack, the rumors have started that DeDos will visit us once more. Who knows if DeDos is the source of the undead plague that hit Moonglow hard, however, we have spent this time honing our craft and the Adventurers of An Corp have grown mighty.

The Hunter Association would like to invite everyone out this Sunday, January 24th, at 5 PM PST, in order to do battle with the vile entity known as DeDos.

Join us, as we make our stand against DeDos and halt it's advance!

Player Profile: The Trillnation

As another step in our community outreach efforts, we will be conducting interviews of players within the community and featuring them in "Player Profiles"
Where we'll ask basic questions about themselves, their experiences, and how they came to be on An Corp.
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Anniversary Event: The Plague! 1/17/2016


As many of you know, our one year anniversary is coming up this Sunday, January 17th. It's been a long, bumpy road up to this point, but we're still alive and kicking!

The An Corp Staff would humbly like to invite everyone out this Sunday, January 17th, at 4 PM PST, in order to investigate rumors of a plague that have been spreading around the Moonglow area. The source of this "plague" is currently unknown, but some say that the initial infection came from the animals at the famed Moonglow Zoo.

Whatever we find, it is surely going to take the combined efforts of everyone involved in order to put an end to it.