Player Profile: GrizzlyGhost


Check out the full interview here:

The other day I chased down GrizzlysGhost, owner and operator of the Vendor right south of the west Britain bridge. GrizzlyGhost was suggested to me by a player, and it was pretty easy to see he would be a good choice.

Here is my interview.

GM Gustav,"So, do you like to be called Absynth, or GrizzlysGhost, or another name?"

GrizzlysGhost,"I respond best to Grizz I guess."

GM Gustav,"How long have you been on An Corp?"

GrizzlysGhost,"Just over three months and it's been a great experience so far."

GM Gustav,"Glad to hear it. What brought you to An Corp?"

GrizzlysGhost,"UO has been on and off my mind since I played it back in 98-2000... I thought I'd investigate it online a bit and see if there was still a presence."

GM Gustav,"Ah, the UO curse"

GrizzlysGhost,"I stumbled upon Papa Carl's videos and I was hooked."