Screenshot of the Week

In an effort to reach out to our community, we will be starting a series of community outreach programs. Screenshot of the Week is one of such programs that we will be starting in the next couple of weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcements!

Screenshot of the Week is an open contest for all members of the community to participate in. The goal is to get people out there doing fun things and taking a nice screen cap to best summarize the days activities.


*Limit of one screenshot per day per person
*Screenshot must be of in-game activities
*Winners will be decided largely upon the judgement of staff members
*Winning screenshots will be selected every Sunday.
*Screenshots should be submitted to this thread directly.


There will be a prize awarded every Sunday for the best screenshot of the week totaling 500 dragon coins. At the start of every month, we will take the winners of each week and hold a "Best of the Month" contest where the winner will receive a grand prize of 1000 dragon coins and receive the title "Sketch Artist".

Best of luck to everyone!