An Corp Launch Date 01/17/2015

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Hail Friends!

For those of us who have been following our progress since we took the shard down last July, it has been quite a journey for us. After several long months of intense development, we entered a closed beta testing period earlier this month on 12/05/2014.

Testing has progressed smoothly so far and we feel a launch date on Saturday, 01/17/2015, 15:00 EST, is reasonable and within our estimated time range.

We will hold an open beta testing period the weekend before launch, 01/09/2014-01/12/2014 (Friday to Monday) in order to stress test the server and allow the general populace a small taste of what the shard has to offer.

After the open beta, we will wipe all player accounts and clean up the world of all remnants remaining from testing. We will take this last week for last minute polishing of the shard, hype generating, and server birth rare placements.

It has been a long time coming, but we have poured our heart and soul into making An Corp a truly unique and entertaining experience for everyone to enjoy. We can't wait for you to join us once more for another grand adventure!

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