An Corp Closed Beta 12/5/2014

This date, 12/5/2014, An Corp will be officially moving into a closed beta testing period.

We have finally reached a point in our development where most of the systems we have wanted to improve upon are now complete or near complete. We are ready to bring in some more dedicated testers to assist with testing the final stages of our new shard.

What This Means:

-We will be wiping all players accounts and their mobiles from the world. (When launch happens, we will wipe everything once more so the launch will be fresh for everyone)

-Our old Chicago server will be activated once more and we will make sure everything is properly formatted/up to date.

-We will start actively scheduling staff monitored/organized testing times for specific features in order to break as many things as possible. Think epic boat battles, template changes, dungeon/boss spawns, etc.

-Current alpha testers will be grandfathered into the beta testing. You guys will only have to drop us a PM with a User/PW to regain access to the shard.

-Potential new testers will need to PM Abigor or Jimmy directly and answer these three questions:

1:What is your main character name?

2. Have you played An Corp before? If so what was one thing you did not like about the shard?

3. What sort of content are you wanting to test out?

You will also need to PM either Abigor or Jimmy a desired Username and Password that you want for your testing account. Accounts will be manually created by staff and not automatically created upon trying to log into the shard. When your account is created, we will PM you saying it's been done and upgrade your forum access in order to view the Relaunch Testing Forums.

Currently there is still no set launch date. The first week of testing should give us a good idea where we are at as far as an exact relaunch date. We will remain in the closed beta state until we are absolutely satisfied we are ready to launch and not a moment sooner!

Best of luck to everyone,
An Corp Staff

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