Relaunch Testers 7/29/2014

Now accepting testers who would like to see An Corp eventually become all that it can be. Veterans of the shard have first preference, though I won't turn a genuine newbie looking to experience the server away. Trolls and naysayers need not apply. We are looking for trustworthy, level headed people who would like to offer constructive arguments for or against system changes and test out new features going into the server. I will be taking all applications via PM.

Please answer the following questions to expedite the process!

1: Have you played An Corp before? If so, how long and what was your character name?

2: What was one thing that you liked about An Corp?

3: What were some of the issues that you had with An Corp?

4: What sort of content are you wanting to test?

5: By applying, you agree to keep all information found in the testing forums restricted to that forum and other Testers. Violation of this clause will see you immediately removed from all future testing. Is this acceptable to you?