Kings are voted in by the citizens of their town and have to power to set guard status, tax rates, and much more.

Now you can truely command your city from the ground up! Kingships are a very exciting addition to the game allowing players to delve straight into politics. Remember future Kings, the power always belongs to the people!

  • Monthly elections and the chance to win your crown!
  • Rule your town and decide which side you will support in OCB!
  • Maintain your rule by encouraging the citizens to vote for you during the campaign.
  • Purchase defenses for your city, with direct access to the treasury!

Kings or Queens have the ability to:

  • Set the Sales Tax on all items purchased from NPC's.
  • Select the Town Bonus (Crafting, Gathering, Adventuring, etc.)
  • Place Faction Guards of various types.
  • Withdraw money from the town treasury.
  • Stocking Bomb Plans
  • Exile and unexile players.
  • All transactions, from buying a guard to withdrawing money from the treasury are made public and viewable by clicking on the town treasury chest, located right next to King's Stone.

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