General Mechanics

UO An Corp is based roughly around "era accurate" T2A combat.

UO An Corp offers a more custom experience to try to curb the traditional sync dump tactics. Magic Reflection can be used in new ways by casting it on your allies as a way to counter a sync dump. Reactive armor can also be targeted on other players. Energy Bolt, Flame Strike, Fire Ball, Meteor Shower and Magic Arrow have a delayed damage based on the distance to the target. And finally we got spell tolerance.

On UOAC you will find there is no Insta-Hit archery enabled and there's a slight, second delay on bow equip which curbs the strength of archery mages on the field.

Core mechanics on An Corp

  • Insta-hit weapons
  • Precasting
  • Healing through poison
  • No special weapon hits of any kind in PvP
  • No specialized "pure mage" viability like poison mages or scribe mages in PvP
  • No mounts!
  • No Neon!

General Mechanic changes

  • Travel Restrictions changes - Its now able to recall/gate in and out of dungeons with a few exceptions
  • Guild Progression - Guilds can now gain experience, levels and abilities
  • King system has been updated with new Town Buffs
  • Luck - Players can now gain a loot bonus via Guild Levels and Town Bonus
  • Overworld Ecosystems - balanced creature system in Britannia
  • Daily Achievements are now available with great prices
  • Enhanced Spellbooks for PVE
  • Kin Paints - With the right ingredients a cook can make paint for human skin
  • Paladin System has many changes
  • Miscellaneous Skill Changes - Item ID, Stealth,Poisoning and Barding General
  • Housing - Classic houses, craftable houses and now custom housing
  • Spell Tolerance in PVP 
  • Dungeon Building also known as portals is now available 
  • Dungeon Armor changes with many upgrades


Read about the sytstems here in features menu tab and check details in Patchnote Entries and


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